How to repair drones?

How do I heal this poor drone?


Find Player owned structure, fly to it and when tethered your ship including your drones get repaired…

Dock at any station with repairshop (listed under tab services when you right click the station and sellect “show info”) right click your ship and hit “get repair quote” for isk

Lock target on your damaged drone in space while it orbits you then activate remote armor/hull repair on it or let your armor maintance drones take care of their wounded mate… This last option can be done by yourself or by your buddy.

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Is it free repair in player owned stations or I need to pay the owner?

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if you can tether to it, its free repair… with the new cores that structures were forced to have, a lot of structures you may not be able to tether to, and therefore, no repairing…

and for that much damage to the drone, you’re looking at 2k isk to repair it… give or take a couple hundred isk.

to clarify, you asked

no, it is not free to repair IN a structure… tether means you fly to it without docking.

got it, thx.

You can also launch them and target them with remote repair module.

Or with remote repair drones! Drones fixing drones, it can be done. Just don’t accidentally let your other drones shoot the damaged drone.

(ButI guess this is less of an option for new players, I don’t think you start with repair drone skills and I wouldn’t call that an important skill to train either. :yum:)

I usually keep double what I need and rotate them out. They regen over time when they’re in your bay, so you don’t necessarily need to break with what you’re doing if you use this method.


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If you can dock, you can repair for free.

I’m pretty sure armor/hull does not regen on dones. At least I’ve never seem them regen.


My Warriors, Hobgoblins, and Salvage Drones all recover health over time when in my drone bay. I have no idea if that’s a skill, a bug, or some omega thing.


Strange. Mine don’t regenerate anything but shield neither.

a drone’s shields will slowly regenerate on their own, but damage to its armor and hull will need to be repaired (e.g. by using the repair services at a station).

From eve wiki

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Rotating the drones out is still a good idea, just make sure you rotate before armour gets damaged.

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i second Boldly Gone’s correction.

npc stations charge for repair (and obviously have no ‘tether’ like an upwell)
upwells (player stations) will repair if you wait around while tethered (assuming they have a ‘core’)
If you see the blue tether you can dock and get a repair quote and you’ll see it’s free. quick & painless

This behaviour isn’t consistent. While tethered to an upwell, my ship gets repaired but damaged drones sometimes don’t get repaired. Sometimes they do.

Only shield does.

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