Drone repair

(78 Alpha) #1

My drones were damaged, so I thought to repair them. There was a Raitaru near, so I flew to it, noticing my drones were damaged as well. I deployed them to find they were not being repaired.

I know the facility has remote repair modules built-in, so why don’t they repair drones and other deployable?

Possible reason this might be improbable: They are “NPC” objects and can’t be repaired like a player, as the scripts may have been designed for players.

(Noa Cadelanne) #2

Leave de drones in the drone bay. They will get repaired.

(Do Little) #3

Repair from the tether takes time. Simply dock and click the repair icon. It’s fast and, in my experience, free.

(Daichi Yamato) #4

Drones don’t tether, and probably shouldnt, so they won’t be repaired.

(Wallyx) #5

Drones get repairs when they are inside the Drone bay, as Noa said.

(system) #6

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