i would like to propose a new hangar of sorts that every station has by default its called the “repairshop” or “loot processing” basically you put items into it and it will automatically repair them to full and repackage them and spit them out into the regular item hangar.

Also repairing should probably just be made 100% free since it seems to be free when you are tethered to upwell structures and that also seems to repair your drones and modules. but if repairing in stations would no longer cost ISK it should no longer be instant and follow the same speed as when tethered on upwell structures. So this is basically a repairshop overhaul with QoL improvements as well.

For example if you “strip fitting” all the items will automatially go into the repairshop and then 1 by 1 they come out in the regular item hangar fully repaired and repacked. You can also open the repair shop inventory and take the items out manually

Could maybe be expanded so that there is also a tab called “Reprocessing” and it will automatically reprocess items dragged and dropped into that :slight_smile: There ought to be some sort of fail safe mechanisms, for example if a player drags and drop a high value items into it there will be a warning “Are you sure?”. These kinds of warning already exists when using the market for example.

But i think it would be quite satisfying to drag and drop the ore you mined into “reprocessing” and see it come out as minerals without having to deal with the current Reprocessing UI which isnt bad, but, still.

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