Replacing flesh with tech


Weird question but anyhow:
Have you guys a problem where every now and then when you pop up in your clone, something is missing?

Like, toe or finger or… Anything?

Well, you can see from my profile that I have lost my jaw. I didn’t install it just so I can chew down junk food faster, honest! But I think ■■■■ is getting worse for me. I have had like most of my body replaced now. And it’s not like full body but like… Slices? My torso is just tech now. Kinda cool, but part of me is a bit worried.

I chatted with the Big Brained Ones who handle my cloning. Seems parts of me have degraded, corrupted. Luckily my brain is intact. Well, my personality from the olden days has certainly taken damage but that’s probably all psychological crap I don’t understand.

The science folks told me also that they have been replacing corrupted parts with tech. They told me that I die so often it’s faster to just slap tech in there, and some of the data is corrupted anyway. Sure, they can grow me stuff back but it’ll be faster and cheaper just use cybernetics. Clones take time to grow or some ■■■■.

Eh, whatever. Didn’t mean to go full “dear diary” here.
But still, others with similar problems? Or have your clones been good for you?
I am half machine now. Not complaining, tho.

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I prefer to see such as improvements however my clones have not degraded so maybe I am speaking from a place of privilege here.

Have you considered modifying the DNA of future clones to find and eliminate the genes who degradates your body?

Yes, the weight I gained by eating too much, my tattoos and my implants. Except those spinal connectors which come with the new clone of course. Despite that not really, but I haven’t “died” that much. - I noticed that capsuleers, who die often, kinda go nuts with time, as if something screws with their brains. Therefore better staying alive, don’t wanna go that road!

Maybe you should consider to change the facility where you grow and store your clones. That it takes time to grow clones is their problem, not yours. I wouldn’t trade my body for a toaster so that they can save money!

But overall, I’m happy with my 95% flesh clone.

Hello forum😀
@Hun_Tra Fortunately I’m not at that point. I’m only the first iteration. I did raise such concerns with the Big Brained Ones. They said my account with them is in such good standing that they don’t forsee having to go the cheaper way for many years. I asked how many and he just shrugged his shoulders “A couple decades”. sigh of relief
Do you have ghost feelings at the cybernetics areas? Does it itch in any way?:smiley:

Fifie the 1st.

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We have, but it takes time to research. For now it’s better to stick with cybernetics it seems. I don’t see it as a bad thing, just wondering if this is something others have encountered.

Also, yes, I’ve noticed this too. I take even more risks than before. But I enjoy it so, eh, maybe I’ll just be a living case study to others and enjoy my multitude of lives. It’s like my brains need that adrenaline and excitement to live. I went on a holiday not long ago, I felt like I was inside a cargo container. Gradually nothing tasted good or nothing was enjoyable. I just withered. Getting back to space and having my first fight for long time relieved a lot of stress from me, even I died. ■■■■■■■ weird.

Good point. I do enjoy my “toaster” body though. Maybe they knew more about me than I did! Again, I die a lot in my line of work. It’s getting normal to me, even though I doubt I’ll ever get used to the feeling. Cybernetics help with my body not “jolting” when I get into new clone, so it has helped.

Huh, haven’t noticed any. Sometimes when I yawn I try to stretch my jaw muscles but it doesn’t really happen. My mouth just… Opens.


No. Consider having your medtechs fired.

I average a life expectancy of about 30d. Over the last 14 years. I /think/ I’m still reasonably sane? @Arsia_Elkin what do you think? But I also don’t know that 170-ish deaths is really ‘often’?

That sounds like you should really consider finding some other way to get your dopamine fix.

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Become a capsuleer, they said.
Gain immortality, they said.

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It Sounds to Me that You are not Specifying all the necessary Details in the Clone Contracts to have a Seamless Experience. Did you Read all the Terms and Conditions that were in the Contract closely ? You may need to adjust your security and preference settings.
Random Missing Body Parts sounds Like you have Mistakenly chosen an Option that allows the Contractor to provide non-identical clones to you, for Some Reason. Sometimes this is part of a Product Improvement Programme, that provides Benefits to you of some sort, in return for your Participation in such Experimentations.

I encountered an Issue with Clone contracts where I Unknowingly selected All Functions in the Clone Options, which Ultimately resulted in the birth of my Daughter, which was Unexpected. I was ill-informed at the Time as to the Full extent of Functions available to a Clone Body.

Clone Contracts are Very Important, and should be Scrutinised Very Closely.


Weird. Jovians would have a solution for you as they resolved everything with genetics. Try to consult the Society of Conscious Tought.

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I have all of my clones cultured from a single frozen sample (or its immediate cellular descendants) taken at the time my “predecessor” (who was also me; long story) first entered the pod. This prevents physical degradation by essentially any means and also means my age effectively resets every time I clone, which, because I maintain specific implant sets (or lack of same) for different purposes, is often.

As a result, any modification of my clones is for improved performance in one area or another. Most of the wear and tear I’ve suffered is to my mind.

Which, isn’t trivial, and is a little harder to just swap out for replacement parts. So far at least.

I mean, you’re probably at least a little crazy. You get along pretty well with me, don’t you?

I do think some capsuleers also just deal with death better than others. Some who die thousands upon thousands of times in short order are crazy, yes, but others seem fairly out-of-it in many ways after their first time.

No. Fire your medtechs. How does that even happen?

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This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing, I hope you are able to find a satisfactory resolution. The closest experience I’ve had is if I go a while without jump cloning or dying, I have to update my clones to reflect changes in my physical fitness, otherwise I’ll injure myself at the gym again.

It does seem strange, doesn’t it? Based on author’s description it seems like each clone must be descended from its predecessor, and the body must be getting exposed to something that’s causing genetic damage, either before the new sample’s taken or during clone growth.

At that point (or … you know, well before) I’d be wondering if I was being intentionally messed with. Maybe OP blew up a cloning technician’s twin brother or some bay staff doctor’s just kind of cracked and is making a hobby out of him?

I dunno, I kinda feel like his medtechs are all just drunk and not filling the reservoirs of generic biomass prior to the clone bay activating. Or maybe they’re screwing around and making dwarf-clones to amuse themselves, and then get caught with insufficient biomass for the medical clone?

Clone bay medtechs are some of the most highly vetted security assets in the cluster. Yet, there are always exceptions.
A Caldari heritage medtech was responsible for my clone sister’s unauthorised emergence in the same way that she was responsible for mine. I believe access protocols are have been further restricted since then.
The only constant is change, and nothing is certain but death and taxes.

I swear there’s something wrong with my clones. They never work the way I want them to, so replacing a lot of things in them with cybernetics makes everything much more efficient for me. I then ask them to replace those fleshy bits with something stronger and better working. Like flesh just withers away.

I don’t understand how nobody else has this problem.

… just withers …

Is it, like, different each time?

(Why would we have this problem? The whole point of a clone is to provide a new body at need, and tissue culturing isn’t exactly a new discipline. Withering is an obvious flaw to be fixed everywhere it can be, and it seems like the better question is why it would happen to you, sir.)

The only problem unable to be solved even with genetics known from the entire cluster is the Jovian disease, highly viral but only for Jovians, 100% fatal. If yours one is the beginning for something else similar that involves capsuleers (and maybe consequently, the other races), the entire humanity is actually in danger.
Consider a visit to the Genolution immediately or also the complete isolation from everyone.

Have you considered… eating, occassionally?