Repo Industries is recruiting - WH PvP Corp (C4 - C5/3 Static)

Repo Industries is a tight knit medium sized wormhole operation. We have been around in one form or another for the better part of a decade and are looking to expand our roster. We live in a C4 with static C5s and C3s. 23/7 access to K-Space, high end gas sites, data and relics, ratting opportunities, etc.

However, that is just the PvE content. Daily operations are mostly focused on finding PvP ‘content’. The EU timezone activity is not as high as our US is at the moment, so we’d like to get some more EU people on board. Nightcrawlers are especially welcomed, as they can transition from EU to US active timezones and get in on the action all through the day.

We are not flying any strict fleet doctrines - Just fly what is appropriate for the expectations of an incoming battle. There is no designated FC, those who find the kill set it up as well, although a more experienced player will surely help you out in that situation if that worries you.

Very active players with a casual mindset, a tendency to pick any fight, even if the odds are against us. Those who are looking for a casual yet active PvP WH Corp that doesn’t take itself too serious will soon find themselves at home.

Come learn from our bitter vets, or become our new top pilot,
anyone with the right mindset is welcome!

What we offer:

  • Active comms (Discord)
  • Wide variety of PvP experiences (Wormhole, Null, LS, etc…)
  • Mature group of guys.
  • Active US/EU time zones.
  • Outstanding planetary interaction for your passive ISK making needs.
  • Did I mention lots of pew?!
  • In House Industry/Gas Reactions.
  • Finders Keepers: Found a juicy kill? Loot is yours!

What we are looking for:

  • Maturity(!).
  • Activity (we don’t have mandatory play hours but we’d like to see you online!)
  • Wormhole experience and/or willingness to learn.
  • Scanning/content creation experience is a major plus.

For further questions, please mail or convo Daliha Sahj in game.
I’d be happy to answer further questions. :star:

bump :slight_smile:

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