REPOST - Hydras Chant of Hopes - A Light Show of Our Love

REPOST from several years ago. Ref corp name of Hydra.
I do occassionally like to create artful writings and witty content to spice up my character and bring a little humour to everyone.
Repost as you will. Enjoy.

Hydras Chant of Hopes

Each day thy shall probe
For Wormhole also be thy gate
To the Mad Max Kingdoms
So bubbled be its doom

Ignore thy holy at your doom
For to balls it up
Shall draw the team together
Come !

Though shall probe for all things
Even that which does creepeth and crawleth
Like as was done to Pith same as EOM ago
So burn them with Your Hydra Love

When aiming for higher up goals
Do not spread across thy friendly area too thinly
And lose sight and perspective
For thy enemy may come upon you instead !

When the pearly gates do part
Aim true and proper
With Coordination and Timing
And Harmony

For They may come from the tubes
Which are the wormholes and the gates to the Mad Max Kingdoms
Beware the Bubbles of Doom
For Coming In

Too Late
Too Early
Will bring them
FC together !

Follow your primary target
Help the FC coordinate
For you know very well
Things could escalate from Hereonin

Pump the rounds
Or the light touch
Explosive Doom & Kinetic Motion
The Heat is hot !

On matters of diplomacy
Cunning linguist !
Artful with tongue
And appropriate personal touch

One top tip when close together
Dont seal those lips
But sail into space
And make motion together

Keep your Junk in your Cargo
Not in hand
Or leaving mess everywhere
For 2 in 24 hours you can be made to surely wait ?

Make sure to smoke dat rifter
But don’t be the drifter
ok ?

Keep the right stuff
For it is Hydra customs
For the white stuff for the fight stuff
Ok ?

For their escalation
Can reach your station
Your family your life
And cause death

For your Eden is your corporation
Which is your family
Your Holy Eve
Your Hopes

On matters of Cleansing within
Of thy own corporation
Bring thyself as true a pilot as thy companion
In peace and friendship

Keep the fire burning
Keep companion warm
And intel quiet

They come from the Tubes and Wormhole
It is their Nature
Coming and coming
And coming some more

See that atomic Red
Blasted into eternity
By a guided missile
And know Hope

1 pod ?
2 pod ?
3 pod ?
More ?!

In naming ceremony
Choose a name wisely
In your FC’ing name and glory
As has been following previous FC’ing EG_UNO2WEL_D@M_$#@T

And be aware thou can find rats around thee also
Spoiling both thy rugs and clothes in cabin
As it is done in ship in the heavens
Bountiful fun shall be had explaining thou System

And thus thy Hopes
The little Ships
Grow with time into bigger ships
With virtual incomes

Thine corporation is thy Companion
Not thy enemy
Believe in the way
Our Way

So the rats shall be safe from outsiders
And sheperded wisely
And given thought
Rather than escalating to conflict

As sovereinty reigns
Protect thy castle from your enemy
Strike thy sceptere in low
As in Null rounds

For All shall respect the King and his Eve
His Queen
And grovel likely at a Time
And at Times

When you have no station
Keep it POS
And fuel thy force
With IC PI not wine

Scouts know this true
Over the years
There Will be many tears
Across space given time

You will make upgrades
Enemies may take some away
But scan carefully your heart which is your System
For cosmic errors

But do not make thy enemy blue so quickly
For he may see red
And you will know purple
And Brimstone Fire

Focus thy staff upon thy directed
But do not cause them max pain
For afterwards they may become your friend
So help them up with care

But Mark it well !
For know thy scum and robber on site
Contract kills through intel designs in dept DPS
And take the mines

For thy pets are thy friends
Treateth them well !
As thou would like also to be treateth
And companions in arms and roams they shall go

Wake each day for a stretch
And do not frown at your Team which is also family
But believe in your Eve and her Hopes
Forever & Ever



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