Reprocessing Math Errors

recently I began reprocessing moon-goo in a bonused structure. Normally I leave this to a perfect toon in the legacy alliance and take what comes, but my skills are decent and I didn’t want to wait the week or so it takes for the (very helpful) person to fly over.

this math when done in Excel indicates 85.066%, not 84.4%.

Please either, display the significant figures that would make this 84.4% or fix the math to work off of the displayed percentages. One of the most frustrating parts of this game, is that you cannot predict in advance what the math or chance of a thing is based on simple arithmetic.

for example, if I change 1.06 skills to 1.052 it comes out to 84.42, but you’ll notice that this is still bogus. 1.052 should round to 1.05 for display, not 1.06.

do you have several asteroids ? Maybe the "average asteroids " is not correct.
With those number I have 84.9%. Remember to round down to 0.1 % each time you apply a bonus.

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