Repurpose the Bowhead to act as a mini Rorqual?

With the new changes coming up and the possibility of organizing mining ops for the moon mining I do believe the Bowhead could be repurposed to be a platform to support these operations.

The Bowhead as it is now I have not really seen it about, it is mostly just like the Primae, while the Primae wasn’t built to be a purpose ship it was changed to have some use, the Bowhead is a ship that was built to move large ships without repackaging them, I would say it has mostly failed in that role, oh I’m sure some use it but what about a variant to serve in compressing ores, clone bay, and a smaller industrial core, and keep a large enough bay to support mining ships.

Now for those worried about the Orca’s role being made obsolete I do believe that is not the case and is mostly unfounded, the Orca will be the Porpose to Bowhead.

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What makes you say that it’s failed in that role?

Wants to make a bowhead an orca and an orca a bow head.

Erm, no.

Really haven’t seen it about, I move around a lot, it’s not unusual for me to do about 70 jumps or more in a session, I’ve hung around in Jita, just haven’t seen it about, everything else I see often, but Bowhead, nope.

Ehhmmmm, whats wrong with the orca?
Why would you need something in between orca and rorqual? And why would you wanna repurpose a shipping ship, into a mining ship? The bowhead has a role to play in this game already and are mostly used outside of highsec, fyi.

But… We dont need more ships like the rorqual, theres one of them and thats more then enough!

Nothing wrong with the Orca, my only purpose, give the Bowhead a purpose, Rorqual’s are not allowed in high sec, you know too bad they didn’t increase the PI hold of the Primae, Alpha clones could pick up PI stuff for us around the verse.

… wait let me get this right.

You want to add a clone bay and reprocessing to a ship in order for it to help with mining ops literally right outside a structure that can fit those? And you’re doing this to make a ship less useless?

Also the ship is used all the time by incursion runners and that’s exactly who it was intended for


The bowhead sees a lot of use with nomadic corps. Why don’t you just use an Orca or an actual Rorqual? Why do we need to retool a ship completely?

This is an idea. Not a good one, mind you, but an idea. I suspect the OP didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into it.

Are you honestly trying to get rid of the Magic School Bus project? God no! Down with this idea! Long live Mike!
Bowheads rule!


If so, great, never mind then.

I don’t know doodler doo, that’s for sure.

Bowhead is actually bigger than a Rorqual 17,500,000 M3 compared to 14,500,000 M3 but most of that is empty space because of it’s intended purpose - moving fitted ships, particularly battleships for highsec incursion runners. It’s a narrow niche but there are times when the ability to carry 3 or 4 fitted battleships comes in handy and no other ship can do it.

As others have pointed out, a mini Rorqual already exists - it’s called Orca.

Thank you, many times it just feels like post stuff in forums is like begging to be trolled, you are one of the few who, with your explanation has put this to rest for me, thanks.

Why would people be moving fitted ships to Jita?

You wont see Bowheads in Jita often, or on the trade routes.

Where it is seen regularly is closer to staging areas on the fringe of highsec. Moving to places like Dital, Keberz, Stacmon, etc.

It’s for moving fleets, not trade goods; and in that role it’s anything but a failure. It excels.

It certainly doesn’t need to be repurposed into a Rorqual. We already have the Rorqual for that.

And we already have the Orca and Porpoise for mining support in systems the Rorqual can’t enter.

Yeh thats called flying a Epithal, that ship is already there :wink:

And like i said, bowhead has a purpose, theres no reason to give it purposes of other ship classes.

I really hate the Bowhead. It’s very wasted in it’s use. But where it is used it is perfectly acceptable. I wouldn’t even be mad if they made the BowHead an ORE freighter. As in, the stuff you mine :wink: Just imagine the enormous ore bay it could have lol.

But honestly I think if they gave the ability to do courier contracts with the BowHead’s ship maint. bay then I think it would be used more. There’s just no reason for the Bowhead to be a boosting ship. Orca’s are plenty powerful in Highsec and Rorquals are the premiere booster.

You can move ships under contract using a Bowhead

All XL ships (except freighters) are banned from highsec, The Bowhead is an XL freighter and therefore allowed in highsec. Changing its role wouldn’t make it a mini Rorqual that is allowed in highsec, it would make it no longer a freighter, still XL, and therefore also banned from highsec.

So, to keep it in highsec you’d have to shrink it to be a L ship that has mining support and a large carrying capacity. Now that’s what we really need! A L ship that can provide mining support, hauling, and act like a mini Rorqual in highsec. Maybe we could call it “Killer Whale”?

This is, to be blunt, 100% wrong.

I’m not sure where you’re flying around in space that you think the Bowhead isn’t used but it actually sees quite a bit of use.

Almost all of that is in High Sec, but the same could be said for every other Freighter class ship aside from Jump Freighters, and I don’t think anyone would say the Charon isn’t used or has failed in its role.

If you’re anywhere near High Sec and you’re not seeing Bowheads around I recommend checking your overview filters, or possibly checking your Overview in the first place…

Also mission hubs or the latest Incursion spawn.

It gets way more use supporting PvE than it does moving PvP ships in my experience.