Request for a Cruiser ... which Recovers the Structure of other Ships

(( please excuse - I am a non native EN speaker ))

We have ships with boni to repair/boost [ armor ( example Exequror )] or [ shield ( example Scythe )].

What New Edens’ engineers have to develop is a ship, comparable to the above, which is able and bonused to recover the structure.

Reason : Pilots asked me - why isn’t it possible to recover a freighter’s structure.
My actual answer : there is no such ship being capable of offering the neccessary bonuses.

If the ship is available, there will be pilots, because this ship makes a lot of sense to me.

Principle Argument : Everything which can be build or fitted in New Eden, has to have the chance, to be repaired either docked OR in space ( and there is a lot of space in New Eden ).

Example Gameplay “Ganking Fleet tries to kill a Freighter” ( and there are many more ) :
If the freighter does not collapse in the first attempt, the recovery efforts of a freighter’s hull will be essential to theoretically break the assault of a ganking-fleet.

Calculations : the all 8 average ( non existing ) Freighter in New Eden has :
Shield HP = 33.550 with Shield Recharge Secs of 6.000 // Armor HP = 33.825 // Struc HP = 96.938

The more technical Issues - given a theoretical 8 Minute Repair Window in the above Example Gameplay “Ganking Fleet tries to kill a Freighter” - between 1st and 2nd assault.
Shield-Boost-Amount : The Scythe with 3 x Medium S95A Scoped Remote Shield Booster can solve the issue Shield. // Armor-Repair-Amount : So does an Exequror with 3 x Medium Remote Armor Repairer II regarding Armor.

Hull-ReConstruction-Amount : No Cruiser Class Ship exists to my knowledge.

Conclusion :
a) If we assume that at least 50% of a Freighter’s Structure has to be reconstructed by a single support vessel within 8 Minutes … a fit should be available to allow 48.469 Struc Hitpoints being repaired by 3 x Remote Hull Reppers.
b) Keep in mind, you will have to fit an MWD at the repair-boat, otherwise you might never be able to get close to the object - AND - you will allow to be cap-stable - while repairing.
c) The actually availabe Large Remote Hull Repper II would do exactly the trick while rep = 230 / 6 secs = 38 per Sec * 3 = 115 * 480 Secs = 55.200 HP if - yes - if … there would be any Cruiser with the appropriate bonuses.

Exactly that is my request. I want the New Edens’ Engineers to develop and make available to the Public a Group of Vessels being bonused and spezialized in Hull ReConstruction.

And maybe : That might interesting for capital fights in Low and/or Null as well ? But I don’t think so. Who wants to repair a thing in Null anyway :slight_smile:


Not sure exactly how that would help, especially in high sec. If for some reason the gank fails, all the gankers have to do is break out a Machariel and keep the freighter bumped until another gank fleet arrives, not to mention your repair cruiser will also probably get ganked in the process…


do you have any idea how broken structure reps would be in the rest of the game??

if you want logi to work use a Providence. before the buff of 33% hull resistance they had the largest tank in the game using armor. they still get the brick of an armor tank

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lol none of them will actually have one be realistic. if they were willing to actually put effort into protecting themselves they wouldn’t be losing freighters. no amount of hull reps will be stronger than a hyena when it comes to keeping a freighter safe. if they are not using that they won’t be using this


There are remote hull repairers. So you can repair ship hull in space. So, in your words, you have your chance to do that.

No hull repair bonused ships? Then bring more! (Or maybe don’t be stupid and just bring armor or shield logi that can actually help tanking).


Hull buffers are insanely powerful, especially for their ease of fitting. IMO bonused hull reps are not a thing for that exact reason. It’s a tradeoff.

Just imagine a navy brutix fleet with logistics… shudder. Even without logistics those things are utter beasts in a medium+ sized gang.

Hull reps won’t help one bit for the genius freighter pilots that fit cargo expanders instead of bulkheads. You can’t fix stupid, or repair it…

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well to be fair an Freighter can be bumped all day with several attempts…So yeah make an cruiser that only can repair Haulers and industry ships or what ive heard make bumping in numerous times (timer within 12-24hours) with mwd become suspects will be more fair

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You do understand just how bad the hull rep modules are, right?

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I’m pretty sure that’s his point, he’s asking for a hull repper bonused logistics ship because hull repping sux.


I’m of the opinion that hull reppers should be switched over into an activated hull regeneration mechanic, rather than a base amount per cycle. All activated hull repair effects that add the regeneration effect would then suffer stacking penalties.

If hull repair was to switch over to work like this then I think it could become possible to use it as a viable mechanic in battle, without it being overpowered

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lol all that does is make the current mad house buffer tanks even larger… that in no way makes it not OP in a fight.

only way to get hull reps to not be broken is to remove DCUs and that just ruins far more than hull reps would add to the game

Use drones. Slow? Use MOAR drones…

Agree on your thoughts here and is something i wanted to bring up about the bumping mechanic…

For the main thread i can understand it would be difficult for the combat part since Hulls have high resistance in general. However gankers in mind there has to be some kind of countermeasure against this for sure since bumpers can just hold em in place and hull reps are to slow since gankers has all their alts they pay fro with their ganks and can bump whole day if they want to

Don’t hull rep drones count as logi drones? Use a bonuses ship for logi drones up to a loggerhead.

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The point was that hull repairers are supposed to suck and work as intended. You can repair hull for free in space, but it takes a long time and it generally sucks. As opposed to shield or armor tanking, which can actually be effective.


Plate fits on cruisers and bigger generally dedicate 3-4 low slots + 3 rig slots for their tank, which would have above 60% average resists, just like a DCU hull.

Yes DCU is strong, but that is because it does so much and brings resists up so high for a single module. This means that if you have good standard repping, you don’t need much for expanded hull HP and can get away with less installed tank modules than other tanking methods, and so more can be dedicated towards DPS.

Regenerative repping would require a high number of hull HP in order to be effective and so you would need at least as many slots dedicated towards it as a plate fit. And if you need to use just as many or more modules slots to make it viable or similar to plate, then it would be fairly balanced.

The only other point of contention should be the natural detriments that hull expansion brings in comparison to plate.
-Trimark/armor rigs decrease max velocity and Plate increases ship mass and thus velocity/maneuverability.
-Transverse rigs decrease cargo and Bulkheads decrease cargo and agility, and cost much less in power grid.

If those hull tanking detriments result in a tanking ship that is superior to likewise plated fits, then perhaps these detriments would need to be looked at.

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if you want it more like plate fits fly armor.

buffer hull fits are already strong enough they don’t need your pointless regen buff

If you are in Anti-Ganking - you will lose ships // you will lose some in EVE anyway 07

intersting idea o7