ORE Logistics Cruiser: Welder

ORE logistics cruiser: Welder

  • 25% bonus to Remote Hull Repair amount per level of ORE Hauler
  • 10% reduction in Remote Hull Repair activation cost per level of ORE Hauler
  • 5% bonus to cargo and fleet hangar capacity per level of ORE Hauler
  • role bonus: 430% bonus to Remote Hull Repair optimal range and falloff
  • role bonus: Remote Hull Repair also repairs 1% durability to a random damaged module on the target ship. 100% broken modules can only be repaired while the target does not have an active weapons timer.
  • has a 2,500 m3 fleet hangar

“After Outer Ring Excavations saw more and more of their mining fleets returning early from mining operations for repairs due to unforeseen dangers on the frontier, they realized the need for an industrial repair platform that could keep a fleet well-maintained and out on expeditions for longer periods of time. Thus, the ORE Welder was developed, combining the aspects of cutting-edge structural restoration nano-technology with a sizeable fleet hangar for hauling extra cap boosters, nanites, and other emergency supplies to enable other combat and logistic ships the ability to quickly resupply without wasting a single second.”

Seems quite powerful which isnt necessarily bad but would be weird seeing an ORE ship in fleet fights and gate camps and what not

What will its name be?
Why does it get bonus from Hauler skill?

Maybe it should be intended to repair structures

-The power scaling should put it just a bit under the performance of armor repair logistics cruisers, even with the higher numbers on the traits (because remote hull reps are inherently very weak)
-The name is “Welder”
-The reason for hauler skill is 2-fold: it has a sub-role as a hauler using the small fleet hangar, and ORE hauler skill could use a bit more attached to it, since it seems like a waste to create a “ORE Cruiser” skill just for 1 ship.
-I suppose you could make some sort of multiplier for structure rep, but THAT might become a bit too powerful tbh. I’m not sure.

Feels pointless as ORE subcontracts their defense to Mordu’s Legion.

A logi crusier would mean ORE needs some type of combat ships.

I disagree. Combat ships are not the only ships that ever need repairs, and the combat power of ORE ship drones is often substantial. If we’re talking about ORE doing things other than mining, they already have a salvaging ship, a commodity hauler, and a ship hauler, so I don’t think a hull repair vessel would be all that strange. It fills a niche that is not already filled by the main empires and wouldn’t replace existing logistics options, but rather serve a slightly different function. (hauling supplies and fixing up hull damage, even if at a slower pace than armor/shield logi options)

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