Small, medium, and large hull repairers do not follow updated naming conventions


It’s like no one thought about the hull tankers during module teiricide.

Literally unplayable.

CCP doesn’t give a crap about hull repairers, thats why they rep so little

Maybe they should strip all drone bonuses from the ORE command ships and introduce a t2 command squid that has drone bonuses on the t2 skill. It also has remote hull repair bonuses because everyone who tanks his ORE command ship at all, hull tanks it. While there, add a hull resistance and hull hp command burst, and a new drone type that is limited to ORE command ships, hull tanked, and armed with vortrons, because those are useless against anything serious but works well against dessie swarms, and that’s the natural enemy of an ORE command ship.

Module tiericide is not done yet, they also still need to do the weapon systems.

(I do hope CCP did not forget about their module tiericide.)

So do I.

Can’t wait to read about the changes whenever they come.

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