Hull Repairer Need considration


I was tring to try fitting a hull tank ship but i notice that it has
a poor HP generating.

Why the large one do only 120 HP ?

I think it is will be reasonable to be at least 60% of the armor Repairer.

The large one of Armor do 920 that T2 so 600 for hull will be nice and
will add something to the game.

Imagin Orca with that one DC and Bulk plus four hull repairer.


OP has four hull reps running until he runs out of cap while a Machariel bumps his Orca into the next dimension…

“Orca is about to die…”

Hull tanking isn’t meant to be good, but even aside from that, it would be unbalanced because you can bring your hull resists up to 60% across the board just by fitting one resist mod (damage control). Doing that with armor mods takes several more slots.

Brutix wants to say say hello about that. Mind, very few ships can successfully pull off hulltanking, but because it’s also the LAST line of defense for your ship, there are very few situations you want to even attempt it. A hulltanked brutix is one of the very few ships it’s done with. To great effect.


Are you talking about buffer? Because i think everyone else is talking about active tanks.

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I am, but I think they were talking more about the feasibility of an active hulltank, whereas a passive one can be exceedingly strong with the right ships.

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CCP have previously said that because of the ability to obtain such a strong passive tank, active is deliberately weak (ie. hull repairers are deliberately weak as a result of the good resists across the board and big EHP obtainable).

So it’s a deliberate game design decision.

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… you cant passive hull tank, buffer is not passive. only shields can passive tank


The thing is every tanking need considration. This is not only hull which unbalanced.
Misconception have it’s place for shields and armors as well.

And also we can’t talk about hull tanking through examples of shield and armor tanking (partially because of reason given below by the way).

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You dont active tank with hull reps.

Hull reps are meant as a way to fix your ship inbetween fights. Think like, using a mobile depot and after a fight, repping up hull so you dont need to find a place to repair in enemy territory.

Ideally, they need their volume reduced. Id also be ok with them repping 5-10x more, but under the conditions of no weapon/aggro timers and they have a 1min cycle time. This shows they are mainly a means to repair when not in combat, but also not take 20min to rep hull on a BS.

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Adding to that idea, under those conditions, they could repair X% of total armor each cycle like 20% so it would always take five minutes to fully repair your ship (when outside of combat).

Or keep the current repairers as is and have a special repairer line of modules with the % method of repair and with the restrictions you mentioned.


or just leave them as is… its already become stupid easy to rep between fights with all the structures everyplace

You reply to the wrong person. I am not suggesting to implement the idea, merely just providing my feedback and expanding on the idea as part of a healthy discussion.

no i was commenting on your additional feedback as well

Which doesn’t make sense as my feedback was about how better implement his idea than just increasing the repair amount. His idea can not be expanded by not implementing it in the first place as my feedback was not about whether his idea should be added or not, it was about IF it is implemented then how better do it than the original suggestion. Thus if you want to bring up whether the original idea should be implemented in the first place then that is the post you should reply to.

and mine was to point out that even with your feedback the idea is still not worth implementing.

best part is if i reply to you or just the thread in general and no one else said anything after you did there is no difference in the appearance of the post

But still I get a personal notification instead of a generic thread notification depending on who you reply to. :wink:

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