Request for Change to Structure Management - Ability to See active jobs

It would be useful for a structure owner to have the ability to see active jobs in the structure they own.



Why is that useful for the structure owner?

Just looking for the reasoning behind this claim, not saying it is untrue.

As a structure owner, there were times when I wanted to know /if/ anyone was running a job so that I did not terminate the job being run by someone using my structure.

However, I do not need to know more about the jobs being run then perhaps that there are jobs running, and how long the longest job will take. I would not need an itemized list with all the specifics.


That is very useful context, thanks.

I would agree that knowing jobs exist, and the end times, would be useful for an owner who is trying to be a nice services host and not cancel jobs for people by taking a structure down.

Not sure if your mentioned very limited data set would present a problematic level of intel - my mind is insufficiently twisty for plotting such mischief. I could see a player potentially holding jobs hostage by offlining the industry module if they can see jobs exist with >30 day spans - suggesting high-value BPOs that could be ransomed. Would be a hit or miss attempt not knowing who they belong to or how many there are, but I could see it happening.

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I’m a third party so I don’t know what the OP wanted with the information. She may have a different use case. I skirted the issue by creating profiles where services would no longer be accessible. Players could deliver existing jobs but not start new ones. I would then wait for what I thought was a sufficient period of time and shut down the service. I can’t know if anyone was using the services or not, so it wastes fuel (probably), but being a good Samaritan doesn’t necessarily have to be cheap. It is how you demonstrate you’re willing to make a sacrifice for the benefit of the public trust.

If a feature had existed to give me this information, I would have used it to save myself the fuel and isk, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I needed it or was frustrated by the absence of the feature. It just could have been convenient under certain circumstances when shuffling service modules or moving to a new area without leaving everyone borrowing your structure SOL.


Would be nice to know how many are running, and the date all current jobs would finish.

Additionally, an option to reject new jobs so a structure can be decommissioned without inconveniencing anyone.

You already have the option to reject new jobs. Use a structure profile that doesn’t allow a person access to industry and/or research and they won’t be able to start new jobs in that structure, but they can still deliver them.

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Yes, this was in relation to closing down a structure that perhaps had long term capital’s in BPO research. The issue is resolved. I would like to have the ability to see the jobs. However, I can work around that, and I did here, by looking for large payments of the taxes…any 7 figure tax means ‘long job’.

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