Request for Eternity Suit Fashion with Modesty Option

I am most excited to have finally procured a gorgeous yellow Eternity Suit. But being a woman of modesty I find its low cut and exposed underarms most unnerving. I can not wear it without also adorning a blouse. Alas, there is no current blouse that compliments the stunning yellow.
I would entreat our fashion designers to include a matching modesty blouse with the ensemble.
I have attached a few visuals for reference.


I mean, it’s all mustard body paint to me…

I tried the paint. It just makes a mess when it contacts with my pod goo.

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Well, sounds like you need to just walk around sans body paint.

It’s a fantastic bodysuit, I’m a proud owner of the red & black version. But, the design is just gonna have to hold with that tiny gap between underarm and back with the arms & shoulder piece. Okay, it shows off an inch strip of flesh, but isn’t your body divine and beloved by god, and such?

I mean, I ditch the collar and over-arms piece - my priority is to show my lineage, my rank and personal stories in my tattoos, so there’s no way I’m covering my arms and shoulders up. Yeah, I get that isn’t your thing. Maybe the outfit isn’t?

There’s certain things my wardrobe staff would never recommend to me; spiky head-dresses, pilgrim robes, yeah? Take a hint, hun.

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But I love the style! I just don’t feel comfortable showing my um- to everyone under the sun! I just need a complimentary yellow shirt. There really isn’t anything out there that will do. You would think a capsuleer could have a custom blouse made.

Flesh is as God sculpted it.

It is only the degenerate mind that sees exposed skin and has lustful thoughts about it.

Thus, there is an argument to be modest around slaves and lesser peoples, whose minds are full of sinful thoughts, that would be consumed by flames of lust should they gaze upon the unclothed form of a Righteous woman.

But there is no requirement to be modest around other Righteous persons, for whom the unclothed form simply displays God’s own handiwork.

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So, you are contemplating the chance that all who read this post and can view me as I wander through the cosmos are righteous? That is a very unlikely possibility. I would rather wish those sinners about me a degree of safety and chance to repent, lest the whole of Perimeter’s populous burst into the all-consuming flames at the vision of my delicate underarms. Dare I test this? Dare I undock without my t-shirt guard?

I boarded my pod and prepared to undock in Perimeter. Local conversation was immediately spammed with lewd images. The scene outside was sheer chaos. I immediately re-robed and called for my Consort to bring me my devotional robe. I must implore Sennda of Emrayur to design a fashion accessory so that I too may enjoy this garment to its fullest. I have attached an even more modest option to consider. I would even consider a cowl for more formal events. It is to note that if I had a proper covering, I could have entered the Gallente Miss Fed pageant. I have it on good authority that I would have won the billion isk prize. Amarr-Modisty4|194x500

I hate to tell you this, but I doubt that had anything to do with you.

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Given the free availability of far more revealing images, to capsuleers and the spacing population, and indeed users of the IGS, (anyone who can access the IGS can also access a whole bunch of other gal-net sites, Quafe Quties, then worrying about the small amount of exposed skin that would be shown when wearing that particular get-up amongst the spacing population, is… a bit much.

Other eggers have worn far more revealing attire, and yet, at least as far as I can tell, the cosmos has not burnt itself to a cinder due to this fanning of the flames of lust. So…

As far as you can tell

well, I haven’t heard that Matar is on fire, despite you exposing your clavicles and shoulders in that outfit.


First cluster problems?

I just wanted a yellow blouse or cover shawl option that stayed in fashion with the rest of the outfit. This black T-shirt I wear on top of it, though fetching in other ensembles, it just does not quite do. I like yellow. And only yellow will do.

To note, Matar is not at risk of damnation because I have not worn this outfit without the clashing shirt in any territory of the Minmatar Republic. If the designer Sennda of Emrayur wishes me to do this outfit justice, then they shall present me a modest option!

I am sorry Caldari State for inciting such a ruckus in your midst. I will be more careful the next time I transverse Perimeter.

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