Request for Special Edition Memorial Cyno for Cyno Vigils!

Imagine if using it triggered a response from the Memorial, almost interactive in nature. Could be beautiful.


Logged on specifically to +1 this

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Falcon, thank you so much for your response!

Cyno vigils have been a tradition in the community for years and something like this so that the tradition can continue without the high skill requirements would mean a lot!

Thank you for passing it on to the team! I really appreciate it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s +1 from me. Surely it would be easier to allow a cyno to still fit to a frig but have a different effect rather than introduce something new? Hope CCP listens to the community on this.

As I said in @CCP_Falcon’s twitter thread: make it mobile, please, so people can do funeral processions etc, and make sure it works in HS. People in HS have needed to go to low, which doesn’t really honor someone who lived in HS.


Just wanted to add here that this is very important to us. We definitely overlooked it in the proposed design and need to figure out a solution.

Will update as soon as possible but as @CCP_Falcon says this is a valuable tradition and we need to try and preserve it in some form.

Thanks for the post o7


+1 from me

+21 for all my chars… this need to happen.

Or perhaps something even more magnificent than a regular cyno beacon effect?

+1 for Memorial Candle module.

As I said in twitter ammo could be shining point of light, beam of light, and colour determined by ammo. It would see use not just for Memorials but budding space artists would, no doubt be drawing Bees and Dinos and ‘other things’ (Ref: TTP)

I appreciate Falcon answering above. Thank you.


+1 from me

The thing is, we need more thought out thing than cyno vigils, we need PROJECTOR LAUNCHER module, that would launch holo-projectors with a holo-visual in space. Turning in space, 3d holos displaying by holo-projectors. High slot module, able to be used on all ships with a high slot. Can have only 1 equipped. Loading time 5 minutes. Capacity 1 projector.
Holo-projectors would have 10 hp and could be shoot down without repercusions.

Holo-projector batteries would last for 5 minutes. tech II would last 10 minutes, plex ones and event rewards would be 20 minutes.

Few basic holo-projectors:

o7 , :grinning: , :face_with_monocle: , :partying_face: , :ok_hand: , :skull_and_crossbones:

and each of empires logos or pirate faction logos.

And maybe also that “vigil candle” effect to make it more traditional.

BTW, you could sell holo-projectors in NEX store for few PLEX, for example CODE or :t_rex: or :honeybee:. Or give some special ones on special occasions. The basics, module with basic holo-projectors could be manufactured and blueprints dropped from faction belt rats.

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Thanks CCP folks for showing once again, even with all the community toxicity about the cyno changes, that you are wonderful individuals. Stay strong.

+1 from me.


maybe you can add a special type of probe that when launched lights a memorial flare that also shows up on the in game map?

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+1 from me too.

We should have the option to light a cyno-like effect from a launcher or in any other way appropriate.

The ability to display a holo-projection of a player’s character avatar, would be also really good, among the other things mentioned.

Please Make it a Ship Module Combination!

A 0 Skill Ship with a 0 Skill Module

Like you have with the Zephyr. It could even be modeled similar to the Zephyr.

Then you can make that the only ship that can jump to that one beacon. So players can undock anywhere with that ship and module and jump there. (Maybe not)

But still this would be epic, and would solve the issues of what module it could be. Though you could also make it fit to all ships. Depending on the community Feedback!

I absolutely agree that the tradition of paying respect to those we have lost should continue, and even made more accessible.

I don’t think it should be a special ship with built in module that one can quickly go to the beacon though, that could be abused to become a way to move clones around quickly.
But all ideas are valuable, and open up the thought process.

My vote is for a specialised “cyno launcher” with zero fitting that can only fire respect fireworks. That Could also be a specialist ship, modelled on the ferry that carried souls to the underworld, but the best names are already taken by freighters, but plenty to draw on in mythology.

For those reading this thread, both players, and Devs, take a moment to reflect on those we have lost, and those who will be lost in time. With that in mind we will all do the right thing and remember them.

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heavy bomber solution
industrial command ship, orca/porpoise
heavy bomb volume 1000-5000m3


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All you guys with your weird ideas creating tons of additional work, and I’m here thinking …

… please just keep it simple, mirror the original …
… and at least get it done!

Simple. Really. Like it was. You shine a light.
Doesn’t need to be epic, or shiny, or complex.

Just get something done.

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