Please add votive cyno for use in highsec

Most experienced players know the tradition, to light up a cyno for those who are no longer with us so that they may find their way home.

I’m currently organizing a small Christmas event but it’s in highsec, where cynos obviously cannot be lit.

  1. CCPLS add purely aesthetic, non-functional cynos in the future, to be able to perform this tradition even in highsec.

  2. peeps, suggest me a light replacement for this year’s 24th because I’m out of ideas.

(if you are wondering, this is an alt/my new main, so don’t complain when you see my in game age)

why not just do fireworks


fireworks got suggested, but the point is to light up a cyno so that those missing can land to it
fireworks may be also an idea tho, to make the atmosphere more festive

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They are “working” on it for two years already. Soon TM, I guess…

Dang i forgot about that topic…

@CCP_Rise what gives?

Speaking of old stuff that’s not implemented yet and @CCP_Rise …when will we get the Mobile Vault? Sounds like a perfect method for giveaway events. :wink:

maybe thats what is now the ESS

Yes that passed my mind too. Still something that event organizers could use such as the Mobile Vault would be a good addition. Imagine a hi-sec event where a big load of ISK is deployed in the form of a vault with a dozen or even hundred people on grid then some who dare can go suspect to shoot the pinata while others shoot the suspects. :slight_smile: Speaking of which imagine having these during the Luminaire Snowball Fights. :star_struck:

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