Request to CCP: Can we have all the pilot services secure storage like PLEX as well?

I noticed I can store PLEX in the PLEX vault
Can we have things like
-Large Skill Injector
-Alpha skill injector
-Multiple pilot training certificate
Is it possible that we can have it store in that vault please CCP


Sure, works for me. I’m sure we’ll see some objections raised in short order, though.

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I think since injectors are actual items with mass and PLEX is most likely a “bankable” resource, this would be counter productive to the “real loss” vibe here in EvE. I can understand a bank allowing you to leave your funds in one location and use them in another, but that’s not going to happen with actual possessions.

I’m surprised it took this long for this to be asked.

But to answer what I think about your suggestion:


Or remove the plex vault…


Don’t hold back man…

better idea

remove the plex vault i have no idea wtf CCP was thinking when they added that


I miss these:

:credit_card: tank best tank

Save dumb people from them selves. Stifle creative thinking and effort. Promote a culture of mediocracy.


don’t forget remove the reward from those who were willing to take the risk and move plex from jita to amarr for profit

1 Lull people into a false sense of security.
2 Remove the PLEX vault.
3 See how many people realize their PLEX are in the cargo hold before or after their ship explodes.

That would amuse me. Especially with how many plexes are in my vault right now.

But that would be too cruel even for the old school ccp. let alone todays cuddly ccp.

Saw a 12 billion isk shuttle kill on Zkill the other day, loaded with injectors. Not smart…

Mine would generate the most expensive killmail ever, even dwarfing the cockroach kill by a factor of 4 :joy:
Totally sounds like good fun. I should do it. EVE’s dead anyway.

would have been in a similar boat but i hate low value high volume so i moved all my plex into injectors

Lol, maybe he havent heard about the vault hahah

I would love to have this!
Can we make it possible please CCP

Possible or maybe it was an RMT transaction. Either way still funny to see such KMs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah this.