Request to reopen the investigation to the events surrounding the death of The Ray Karin Midular in the light of recent revelations about Equilibrium of Mankind

To my Chief Acassa Midular;
to Republic Parliament Prime Minister Tobias Efrit;
to the Tribal Council;
and whom it may concern.

In the light of recent new information on the extent of infiltration by the religious terrorist organization Equilibrium of Mankind into structures of respected organizations of the Tribes; I request that the murder case of Karin Midular, our Ray of Matar and former Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, be opened. Given this new information, an independent, multitribal examination of the collected body of evidence for EoM involvement in either the murder itself or in the following incitement of an armed conflict with the Gallente Federation is in order.

Elsebeth Shaninn
Of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon
Sebiestor Tribe


Did the murderer, whose name I don’t recall and have no desire to recall, ever give a coherent statement of why they committed such a heinous act ? All I can remember was that the news said they gave a rambling xenophobic rant when speaking in their “defence” at the Gallente trial.
Perhaps textual analysis, comparing it to the unhinged rants of known EoM operatives, may prove useful.

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I have of late come to a similar conclusion that it is neccessary to adjust our prior expectations about EoMs effectiveness with more subtle strategies and their ability to not take credit for atrocities that could be pinned on others.

To this end, I have tasked the historians and analysts employed by the Excubitoris Security Studies Institute with a project running the hypothesis that violent breakdowns in Amarr internal security and in CONCORD stability were influenced by EoM subterfuge.

Most of the details are classified, but I can say publicly that the preliminary results of this project are extremely alarming.


I would hope that all the governments of New Eden are looking through their records of the last few years attempting to see just how the EOM made their infiltrations and how they managed to get as far as they did.

It is somewhat disappointing to see that just a few short years after The Elder’s managed to clear our tribal structures of Amarrian and criminal influences it appears as though lessons were not learnt and guards were lowered.

The possibility that the murder of the Ray and the debacle that was Colelie could have been instigated by the EOM needs to be investigated.

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