Requesting Singularity Access

Hi… My user name is StevieJ1 and I’m an Omega… I would like to request access to the Singularity Test Server… Thank you… :slight_smile:

You have to wait until the next mirror

Does anyone know when the next time the mirror will happen? I herd sometime in Aug but I have not herd any date.

What part of…

Didn’t you understand?

They don’t copy over your account if you ask nice.

Sisi is a mirrored copy of TQ from some date. If you weren’t active at that date, you won’t exist on Sisi. The only way to get in, is to wait for the next time they take a mirror from TQ while you’re active.

Also, telling your username in public is NOT a good idea. That is for you to remember and CCP to know. Telling that anywhere else will just increase the chance of your account being hacked by about 95%

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