Reroll as Alpha (better race/skills)

Continuing the discussion from L2/L3 Mission blitz fit:

So a short time ago it was said that the skill needs for Amarr ships are rather intensive for Alphas and that other systems would make more sense. Based on the comment at the time, it seems like passive Caldari would be the best option. Taking for granted the starting skills and SP cap, is this a more efficient route for infrequent Alpha gameplay?

I would keep the Amarr character in case I ever have the RL time to invest and go Omega.


If you want to blitz L2 & L3 missions with Alpha skills, you’ll be hard pressed to do better than a Gila - which requires both Caldari and Gallente skills but the role bonus for drones allows it to easily complete most level 4 missions. CCP announced a nerf to the Alpha skillset at Eve North so no more T2 medium drones but navy faction or integrated will do the job for L3 missions.

Edit: that said, the Gnosis will also do an excellent job with L3’s for a lot less investment and it’s quite happy using lasers.

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I mean amarr has some pretty nice options too I’d think. A harbinger should cut through lv3s no problem, I guess the question there is will it have enough cap? I don’t have a fitting tool right now so I can’t really answer that easily.

beams with mwd, tracking comp, sensor booster, large cap battery, then heat sinks and tank in low slots with hyperspatial rigs would be my first try, not sure how much extra cap or fitting mods it would need. And remember for blitzing most of the time you only need a few mins of cap anyways

also there’s the question of rerolling, you need many of the same skills to do well on a caldari ship so might be worth looking at what skills you want and if they will fit in the cap. Plus if you get into blitzing you should be able to afford some alpha injectors.

lv2s just about any decently fit cruiser should cut through no problem. Omen and arbitrator both worked pretty well when I used them and that was even before ship tiericide so they should be even better now.

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After doing a little more reading, I am definitely considering this as an option, depending on the fitting and cap life. My thinking on the Gila is that it’s way out of my price range and probably will be for a long time.

The Omen is handling the L2s very well and I’m quite happy with it, so I will try tinkering with the Harbinger and modules you suggest and compare with the Gnosis.

Thanks all.

If you doing well with Omen then why bother reroll?

Amarr offers some of the best armour tanks in the game, turrets that only require cap and no massive ammo requirements. Sure they can be a bit slow, but some are just deadly if fitted right.

And once into BS class ships its a whole new ball park. I have a Drone/Missile boat Arma that solos Amarr and Cald. Epic Arcs, and only loses the odd drone, in fleet lvl4 missions it happy argos NPC fleets when other BS start having tanking issues.

I’m guessing you’ve got good energy turret and armour skills already, to be honest Cald. are great ships, but you selected Amarr for a reason.
So why’d you decide on Amarr in the first place?

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To answer the last question first: they felt the most “Frank Herbert” of the races.

My skills are pretty poor (<2M atm) and I don’t want to start training into other ships/weapons only to hit the SP cap and be bad at everything. Caldari are apparently less skill-intensive on the whole (less need for maximized engineering and worrying about cap life) if I’m reading right, so maybe a more effective Alpha for L3s. Still working on the standings for that, anyway.

But I will try them both and compare.

Give me a yell in game and you can chat with other who went through the same thing.

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