Research queue (And production queue maybe)

CCP, why not make a queue for research and manufacturing jobs? This way you could queue up blueprints when all your slots are taken. This ensures maximum effeciency for the hardcore industrialist.

I remember when i first started playing the game didnt even have a skill queue and you had to get up at night to switch skills. But the queue is the norm, and its really neat.

So uh, dont know why i brought that up. But a queue for industry jobs seems like a good idea.

Why a queue when you need to finish your last jobs first?

And when I join EvE(2006) I have a queue with a 24h limit with I can plan ahead, even if is a little… I even train long Skills when I was not going to be online and switch to sorter ones when online.

Being able to queue them wont be too horrible. Once you deliver a job, the next one in the respective queue would start up (with a final, “dontaskmeagain”-able confirmation popup).

If the queue is designed like that, I have no problem. But if the queue is going to be able to start when the last job Finish without your intervention, I’m against.

Was not clear, just why I ask…

Frankly, what I’d like to be able to do is start from the top down with production. For example, if I wanted to manufacture a claw, I could have it queue up a “batch” job- building the slasher, RAM, and t2 components lacking in inventory. In the event I had nothing on hand aside from moongoo and minerals, the batch job would take 10 job slots (the claw itself, slasher, RAM, the 7 t2 comps). Build time would be 32 hours + whatever the longest sub-job is.

Or some other form of job batching, like wanting to build XYZ, and then queuing XYZ together as a single job, paying the costs for everything upfront.

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