Resizing ingame windows issue with wine 6.x


  • If you drag an EVE window from its right or bottom sides to resize it, it will suddenly expand excessively to that direction.
  • If you try to resize it back while still holding the drag cursor, the cursor can’t go further back from a certain point.


  • Only workaround is having to resize windows from the left and top edges.
  • I noticed if you quickly alt tab it will shrink the expanded window to the minimum window size.
  • No issue on Wine 5.x. Seems to exist on 6.x only.

PopOS 21.04
Currently on Steam with Proton GE-6.19-2


Since proton-6.20-GE-1 that problem is gone for me.

Interesting, I installed 6.20-GE-1 and it didn’t fix it for me.

I might reinstall with 6.20 and see if that helps.

I have freshly installed EVE (via steam using Proton 6.20-GE-1) yesterday. Resizing windows still resulted in the issue described by Nemozini.

Manjaro / Gnome / nvidia GPU with proprietary drivers

Moving locked targets is also affected by this bug.

If locked targets are arranged horizontally (default setting), moving a target moves them towards the bottom. If they are arranged vertically, it moves them to the right.
My current workaround is to disable target movement (so targets are not accidentally moved below other UI elements like chat/inventory window).

ship spinning is also affected by this bug

After doing a new install using Renard’s method… I havent had the resize problem.

Had work yesterday, so I couldnt play at all yesterday, but today, friday… the update deleted all files on the TQ and the Bin64 folder… so it no longer works. I can attempt to copy files from other old installs, but I have no idea if that will work.

I just tried the native launcher, and it didnt delete the files, and it seems the exefile.exe has been modified today. Going to try to run one client. Client works, Im in game, this is with the Linux Launcher.

I don’t think this is a specific Wine problem. Never seen any resizing problems in Wine 5.x or 6.x versions. Just to be sure I started up EVE today, opened plenty of windows, resized and manipulated them without problems. No problems while undocked either.

This is on Fedora 34, Wine 6.18-1 (from fedora repo), dxvk 1.9.2-1 and Nvidia 470.74 driver.

Suspect it might be a graphics driver problem? Does the game itself run with accelerated graphics? Does it feel sluggish or any other glitches?

I reverted to a Wine 5 version at first, but tested the latest version on lutris today, and with my main it works fine, my alt, not so much…

I doubt it is purely graphics driver related. I think it is a combination of wine inconsistency and drivers…

I’ve been testing drivers back and forth, and the problem persists. If i revert to Wine versions 5.13 and earlier, there is no issues other than some performance loss.

However ,the latest Wine versions seems to work better, though not perfect from my testing, but my testing is also very preliminary.

Updated Proton to 6.21-GE-2, resizing windows was still buggy.

Out of curiosity, I switched to Proton Experimental which fixed this bug for me. Resizing works fine now.

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