Client crash on resizing in-game windows

Er, after today’s update, the client consistently just closes whenever I try to resize any in-game window. (It also seems to close on task switching and some other stuff, but resizing something is the most consistent.) No error message or anything, it’s just up and gone.

Anyone else have this problem?

(Everything worked great until today’s DT… Debian 10, for reference…)

Add: another thing that also just closes the client is dragging/spinning the ship in station.

Argh, I changed it to fullscreen, it closed, and now keeps immediately closing on start (i.e. I start it, see a millisecond flash of black and it’s gone again.)


Problem went away after I switched to the ccp-master dev wine version.

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It’s the same problem as the one discussed in

After the ccp-master wine version had other problems for me, I ended up fixing this by installing a modified version of freetype 2.8.1 with this change reverted:

and all is great again.

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