Client freezes and crashes randomly

So since this latest mirror on SiSi, my client crashes after docking and undocking a few times in M-OEE8.
The client starts to “load” resources (the circle thing on the buttom left where the clock is) and then after a while it freezes or if I dock I get a black screen and the client doesn’t respond anymore.

My machine runs on Linux Mint 19 and kernel 4.15.0-36-generic (Ubuntu 18.4 LTS).

  • Radeon RX 480 8GB with amdgpu
  • 16GB DD4 RAM
  • Toshiba RD400 M2 drive @PCI-E 4x
  • Gigabyte Z270X Aorus Gaming 7
  • Core i5 7500
  • Wine: wine-3.18 (Staging) from wineHQ
  • and EVE with the windoze launcher

I have the latest vulkan, mesa and mono pakets installed, as explained in the installation guide.
Any ideas?

Try disabling the shared cache or clear it. Might be some corruption. Let us know if it keeps doing it.

The in client resource cache was not enabled and the client cache is deleted by cronjob every day at noon 12:00pm.

Where can I turn of the shared cache?

The resource cache can be disabled in the graphics settings. See the ESC-menu, Display & Graphics, top-right.

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No, it is still happening. Sudden loading of resources and then black screen when docking or client freeze in space.

I just saw you’re using WINE Staging. Have you tried using WINE Stable or Development? WINE Staging is full of experimental patches, which is why I don’t use it. It’s prone to give troubles due to its nature.

And is this also happening with Tranquility or is this only happening with the test server?

Hey thanks for checking in. I am currently a SiSi only player after unsubscribing from TQ.

I will remove the wine staging and install the stable one and get back to you.

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Okay so switching to wine stable is much more stable, though crashes still occur sometimes, but not as often as before.

Thanks a lot man!

Funny how this is.

So i was having a problem while running eve with the graphics turned up that my computer crashed. After setting eve to performance mode instead of making it look pretty I have not had a single problem since. I don’t know what your running it at but if you have stuff cranked up its worth a shot.

Same problem here. EVE works ok for some time, then “resource loading” and then, if i try to dock/undock or use a gate, game freeze. Switching from staging version didn’t help. Resource Cache is disabled.

I switched to wineHQ stable and only got 2 freezes since then and only in M-OEE8. The 5 trillion keepstars may have something to do with it.

Purge (as in apt purge) wineHQ staging and install wineHQ stable, it would work much better (and with a certain modification sponsored by Vulkan™ even in dx11).

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There is a bug in the launcher:
Basically if you leave the launcher open, there will be a file descriptor leak that will eventually lock up the wineserver after about an hour or so. Simply close the launcher after you start the client, and the bug goes away.
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