[RESOLVED] Known Issues - UI Issues / Faction Warfare Complex Captures Failing to Update - 2021/09/14

Client Issues

Players who had their launchers open prior to 11:28 may experience visual issues and issues with some windows and ui features failing to operate properly.

Closing out the launcher and all clients, then re-opening and allowing them to fully update should fix this issue.

Faction Warfare Issues

We have become aware of an issue after today’s patch where faction warfare complexes appear to not be updating correctly after being captured.

It appears this may be related to the UI not updating properly - for any who experience this please try closing out of the game and launcher then log back in, see if the issue goes away.

Edit: It appears the visual issues were likely non-related and this is still being investigated. If you do experience UI issues please close out all clients and launcher then reopen and allow them to fully update.

This issue is being looked into and we will update as more information becomes available.

Update 13:25: The issue impacting faction warfare has been identified - a fix is currently being worked on.

Update 2021-09-15: We will deploy the fix for faction warfare during downtime today. Please note that today’s downtime may be up to an hour in length due to some long running updates that need to be deployed in that period.


Relogged, verified cache, logged back - issue did not go away
But are you saying complex captures really does count only not shown?

Still trying to determine where the failing is.

Someone also said that after killing faction war enemies they dont get lp for this. I also relogged nothing is changed. Sites are all captured for example in Fliet but they are displayed on grid. Noone get lp and system status was not changed either.

A day after flietnam? Coincidence? I think not.

Clearly there are Gallente sympathizers in ccp.


We know you folks at CCP are doing your best to identify and resolve this issue. Thanks again for all you do for us. While you’ve got a dev or two scouring this part of the codebase, maybe consider leaving them there for a few weeks / months / years. :slight_smile:


I’ll close the door behind them :wink:


CCP steal my LP!

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Please be aware that the time at which you repair the issue will have a significant impact on the warzone, as the different Militias have different strengths at different times. If the fix was not implemented until next downtime that would be fairest and would probably result in the fewest complaints.


This fix requires downtime - so no worries there!


Will there be compensation for captured outposts, but not “credited”?

Does anyone know how basically UI changes affected FW gameplay?

Welcome to legacy code

the skill window is still broken and unusable

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