[Resolved, sort of] Big framerate drop when undocking

Edit 2: after logging off and sleeping on it I logged in again today to get the characters I had left logged off in space into a station. On logging in to one of my alts I could immediately see that frame rate in space seemed normal and after checking on all my characters, things seem to be normal again. What could have caused this issue and resolved it is a bit of a mystery. Nothing changed on my end but the problem seems to have disappeared. /end edit 2.

I have just encountered a problem with massive frame rate drops when undocking.

I played for an hour or two earlier today, just befpre downtime and everything seemed fine then. After a bit of experimentation I found that all three of my characters on this account have the same issue.

When docked in a station after logging in my frame rate is about 30 (normally at 60), according to Ctrl + F, but when I undock (same on all three characters) frame rate drops to 1 fps or less and latency (I assume that the time in ms is latency) is way out of normal range at 1000 - 2000 ms.

I could do a safe logoff to get out of the game.

I have used the Launcher verify cache and that reported no errors and I have checked my ingame settings in the Escape menu and they are all set to lowest which is how I normally have them set. I haven’t changed anything at home and have always used a wired connection. As mentioned above, I logged in several hours ago and things were perfectly normal then. I have not seen this issue before when playing.

If anyone can offer any suggestions as to what I can check or do next it would be appreciated.

update: I forgot to mention that I checked my broadband and that is working normally. I have also checked on my second account and that has the same problem, though I did see something a bit puzzling.

On the other account, I jump cloned a character to a quiet system and in station Ctrl + F showed 30 fps and 33ms, opened F10 old map set to solar system view and that showed 60 fps and 13ms. Undocked with F10 map still open and framerate dropped to <1 fps and 2000 ms but after 2 secs or so jumped back up to 60 fps and 20 ms. Docked back at the station and waited a few minutes then closed star map and undocked and that crashed my framerate as above.

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