Resource distribution suggestion: consumption

This is a revival of an old idea of mine that is quite relevant now in lieu of recent ore anomalies’ changes.

I’m not a person of many words… so here it is:

  • have all rats to drop “broken” meta/faction/DS/Officer modules/parts instead of complete ones
  • broken modules/parts are inoperable as is but can be repaired
  • in order to repair any meta module you need a complete T1 equivalent

Mechanic for modifying modules already exist in form of mutaplasmids, so repairing can have similar interface but produce static results - meta modules.

What this will achieve:

  • higher mineral consumption (better payoff for newer/miner players if mineral prices rise)
  • a way for newer players to do some meaningful T1 industry besides mining and selling ore
  • a logical explanation for lower salvage from dropped meta modules (they are “broken”)
  • a better meta-modules will cease to be cheaper than plain T1 (market sanity)
    and finally
  • that way ALL modules will be truly produced by players.

It is a win/win/win scenario for many types of players and game itself. For those who think that it would somehow devalue loot - it wont because it will still be worth the minerals you can get by refining. And high demand meta modules will retain their price anyway because thats just how market works.


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I believe we already have variable input BPOs in the way of t3 and decryptors.
I would rather see them use the T1 BPO with this added component to properly manufactor a meta module.

However, this is a feature I believe even CCP discussed at one point.

P.s. First they need to finish tiericide.

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Correct. Module tiercide is the first step on the road to player built meta modules. Unfortunately, tiercide keeps getting bumped by higher priority tasks - they’ve been working on it for years.

The named components needed for the manufacturing process are already in the game - used by capital meta modules - and these components can be expected to replace modules in the loot tables.

Personally I would assign a higher priority to this than CCP has to date - it adds gameplay for newer players interested in industry - they’ll actually be able to build stuff that has value!

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Soo… never? They’ve promised some by the (past) summer and nothing have been done.

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