Requrie T1 modules for meta modules

Make meta modules require T1 modules to produce. I believe this idea was thrown out there a while back.

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CCP wants meta mods to be built with components dropped by rats the same way cap meta mods are. They are getting there. We just recently got faction ammo in sub cap T2

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I have proposed that countless times:

  • have all rats to drop “broken” meta/faction/DS/Officer modules.
  • Broken modules are inoperable as is but can be repaired
  • in order to repair any meta module you need a T1 equivalent

What this will achieve:

  • higher mineral consumption
  • a way for newer players to do some meaningful T1 industry besides mining and selling ore
  • a logical explanation for lower salvage from dropped meta modules (they are “broken”)
  • a better meta-modules will cease to be cheaper than plain T1 (market sanity)
    and finally
  • that way ALL modules will be truly produced by players.

Definitely not my original idea. Was wondering if this was still a long term plan or not.

It took them 15 years to start experimenting with local in null sec… so i wouldn’t be getting my hopes high.

Either T1 a module, or a T1 module’s worth of minerals.

But I wouldn’t do it all at once; I’d only do this to modules that have already been tiericid-ed. Introducing this additional complexity to items that still have five bloody variations between T1 and T2 would be a bit much I think.

Minerals wouldn’t solve the problem of the general uselessness of many T1 modules. By require the T1 (like T2 production does) it automatically makes the price of the meta at least T1 & increases the demand of T1 modules increasing entry level industry.

I see benefits both ways.

Requiring the same mineral inputs as a T1 module for meta module production would increase the price of the meta module to at least the price of T1 modules based purely on the mineral cost. This method would benefit miners more than builders since there’s no need to produce the T1 module.

Requiring an actual module input would require more T1 module production and have roughly the same impact on meta module price. This method would probably benefit builders more than miners and increase meta module prices slightly more due to the production costs of the additional T1 modules.

But either way, the prices for meta modules would be more sane, there would be more need for production, and there would be higher demand for basic minerals. It’s just a matter of who benefits more.

So to “benefit” young industrialists, all mission runners would be getting shafted even more.

Yea, nope!

Admittedly, it would hurt mission runners. However, if the modules dropped were broken (to keep the m3 the same) the mission runners could still recover value from the loot. To get functional meta items it would require an extra step, even if all that was required was a T1 variant of the item. Make the broken items able to be refined so it can have value despite someone not wanting to deal with converting it to a meta item.

How would they be getting shafted? They don’t make much ISK, if any, off of trash-tier meta items as it is. And for “good” meta items, the blueprint/broken item/whatever that would be used to produce it would still be almost as valuable as the item itself currently is since they typically sell for far in excess of their T1 counterparts.

Why? The dropped broken modules will cost same amount based on minerals you get from salvaging them, just as many meta modules do now. Those with high demand will continue to be higher priced. I dont see a problem here.

If anything “gun manufacturing” has to be dealt with just like CCP dealt with “gun mining” long time ago (halved salvage of modules and rogue drone alloys). This thread proposes an elegant solution to the problem(s).

…and by paying less you can buy much many more of those

Not sure why it is even an argument. No one limits your market activity or possibilities.

I’ve always desperately wanted the “named” meta modules to be built rather than farmed in mission loot.

My personal preference would be that mission rats drop “parts” of some description. We already have all of these items in game more or less. Then combine parts with T1 module.

Second, Named module (high run) BPC’s can be farmed from data sites.

So mission runners would supply the parts. Exploration runners would supply the BPC’s. Industrialists build the stuff and traders move all the stuff around.

Literally everyone wins.

The only issue is that named modules need a critical balance pass which we have been waiting for for a very long time.

I wouldn’t mind both being an option, provided that the loot drops were rearranged to make sense. I don’t think it makes sense to get energy vampires off of Serpentis rats, or warp disruption field generators and stasis grapplers off of regular cruisers. If you want to find good meta neuts/vamps or the stuff needed to make them then players should need to go hunt Blood Raiders.

On that subject, maybe the storyline modules ought to be made more available and merged with the meta modules into a “variants” category? They’re not T1 or T2, and some of the storyline modules are pretty clearly for min-maxers just like the tiericide’d meta modules, so it seems like a good idea to me.

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