Type I item variants

I remember reading that at some point in the future, the slightly-better-than-t1 items, like the compact, scoped, etc. modules were going to be turned into player manufactured items at some point in the future.

To add an interesting dynamic, why not make these items require invention? The skills needed to perform this would need to be attainable by newer players (lower skill requirements, fewer skills needed, greater chance of success, etc.).


The code is already in use for capital meta modules and is just waiting for the completion of module tiercide - which CCP has been working on for at least 3 years now …

You will need to purchase and research a BPO, the bill of material will include a T1 module and some Named Components - already available on the market. The skill requirements should be comfortably within reach for newer players.

I don’t think invention is a good idea. It requires a lot of skill to achieve a reasonable outcome. 10 million SP in science is about minimum. I have characters with over 30 million SP in science. This is part of the progression in Eve - you need to set goals for next year.

Why? At that point the person in question would have the skill set required to simply manufacture T2 variations.

…the amount of times I read a suggestion post that starts with interesting, but utterly fails to explain WHY…

The exact method for this is still being hashed out.

CCP have to do it in a way that doesn’t trash the market, so there’s a bunch of work to do. Easy concept, lots of legwork.

There should be tech 1 item sink then. Like when they are damaged beyond repair when using overheating, turning to scrap metal, and someone would need new one then.

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