Resource Redistribution

I just watched a show covering this topic on twitch. CCP says “Trust me, this will be great”. Here is the problem… CCP is trashing play styles left and right, been doing it for over a year and they really haven’t given anything back to compensate what they take away. I am now skilling for my third play style that could help me earn enough isk to be able to spend some time in small roaming gangs which is what I want to do. CCP has trashed my last 2 career attempts with the nerfs of this last year. My new skill queue has been to get my mining up to speed… now this. Its pretty frustrating to see that no matter what I do, I will not be able to afford to spend much time in small roaming gangs. CCP promises its going to get better… but so far, everytime something new comes out, I get blapped, much like a 3 day old player in a 0.2 security system. They also said that they want to hear good ideas…

Well, I have a good idea. TRANSPARENCY! Try it CCP! Why must this wonderful New Eden of the future be so secret? “Trust me, its going to be great!” is pretty much what you said about blackout, and it doesn’t fly anymore. Give us something to keep playing for… please.


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