Resource Variation

the FW stuff is pretty spicy with the changes between empire politics and new technology, however what about the idea of finding a newer more efficient power supply for capsuleer structures or perhaps for a more advanced of ship which can also be applicable to the new attachments expansion which was announced a year or so ago.

there are many resources in the game already, however theres also various forms of resources liquid Ozone being… ya know a liquid, gas cloud harvesting for well… gases…

so why not play around with these a little more, why can’t I find liquid tritanium or tritanium gas, the refining process is all about yield within structures and stations.

you could also create newer materials, plasmas for example (harvestable from stars)

what I think would be cool is to see a player based expansion off of some of the lore.
there is an item in game of someone making their own discount fuel for starbases.

maybe something for that could be factored in.

sort of like how there is mining and industry then you go into reactions for more advanced stuff.
maybe there could be something between the two, increasing the demand for resources, with lots of low costing BPO’s / Reactions turn Trit into liquid trit or gasous trit. then used for some kind of whackadoodle project.

I personally have always thought of the idea of picking what material your ship is made out of would be a cool idea Trit is cheap because it doesn’t provide a good HP to your ship.

making a whole ship out of morphite would be expensive as hell but crazy high HP.

this way instead of a list of x, y , & z resources at X amount, you can now just instead use a total amount of resources and those resources can be compiled from various forms found across new eden. so you could build a whole ship based off of trit for example.

this would mean the current formula’s for ships which should remain present in game much like the pirates code from the POTC franchise “are more like guidelines” they’ll still work and have the standard output but you could mix and match materials.

I would suggest having a new invention type for blueprints.
perhaps a T2a
this way blueprints, invention, production CAN remain mostly the same, but having a ship made of pure morphite would be substancially harder to kill then a standard run of the mill ship, just as example.

I’m sure this would lead to a nullsec arms race where people will rush towards building titans and capital ships, which would be good to run in parallel to a new FW story arc causing all parts of the board to be active at once.

even if the industry change for ship composition is shot down, I like the idea of seeing various forms of resources and new ways to use them.

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