Faction Refineries [related to fanfest 2022 keynote]

hi all, so I’ve just watched the 2022 fanfest video am very impressed with what i’ve seen coming out, especially the api spreadsheet, however that is besides the point.

but onwards to the point something in the fanfest video mentioned about “megaroids” which is something i kinda hinted at in a different post, but with the concept of faction warfare and the way the universe is looking to evolve. i wanted to throw out an idea for Faction Refineries.

this is how i see them working.

Faction Refineries would be placed furthest from the front line systems involved in FW.
these refineries use the titan “spacial phenomina generator” technology or some kind of varience of it, an idea could also be filament technology (more in a moment)

the idea here is that the players are assigned a task, perhaps through faction to go and physically steal the asteroids from belts and anoms in other faction solar systems.

to do this you would have to anchor some kind of beacon which will cycle every so often and basically using either some variance of titan tech, stargate tech, filament technology, you literally transport the rock basically as a state of energy from one system to another, the idea is that refineries will have built in mining platforms where the rocks are mined and then refined, once a rock is depleted, another one is loaded. this could also create future raids for resources later down the line.

this way you could have multiple small teams out there, battling on grids in asteroid and anom belts while literally stealing resources.

naturally a miner and industrialist can and will do a better job, but i figured the faction refineries don’t actually grant specific rewards directly to players, i was thinking this would be more along the lines of capturing goods for if your faction is trying to develop a new ship or is in an R&D style phase for some of the new upcoming features.

the faction refinery would have i;'m guessing some kind of stargate technology incorporated into it which would allow for multiple rocks to be transported to it at once, these rocks would be held in place by perhaps a variant of the tether space technology, protecting the resource from being harvested by capsuleer miners, then a minor movement animation for the asteroid to be moved in place and the work begin.

i can also see direct deposits working for minerals and ore similar to the triglavian invasion arc we had, i think expanding on that idea becomes very cool and kick ass experience as this could also be utilised in sov warfare also where alliances with sov would be allowed to anchor this.

so instead of miners going and soiling rocks, they can mine their hearts out while pvp pilots can also actively capture rocks from space.

what the rocks are or the mins would vary but its not like the players actively get their hands on those end result, i can see the trig refineries or beacons using filament technology.

raids on the structure would end up meaning new tech plans are stolen instead of direct minerals

TLDR: a new small structure using stargate & cyno tech works with deployable beacons to transport asteroids to a refinery to count towards a faction victory while pvp pilots battle and protest beacons (which could be contestable) in asteroid fields and anoms.

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