Resource War Revamp Ideas

Agree, the low rewards make it hard for me to get anyone interested in running the sites with me. I also find it strange to not gain faction standing from them.

no a venture only has 8.52m3 per second with t2 fit if you max drone and lasers 11.23 per second.

a barge can easy hit 22.5m3 per second with t1 strip miners and can get up to about 26.2m3 with 2 t2 strip miners that’s not counting drones that can push it over 34.5m3 per second and thats only t1 barge

the hulk hits 30.9m3 per second with drones can push 38.4m3 per second

so to be clear it abut 33% not 50%

Now use retrievers instead of covetors. Since if we are talking alphas we are in most cases talking solo. So realisticly we should be comparing to the solo barge.

P.s. Hulk is an Exhumer not a barge.

yes the retriever is a little less but keep in mind that to hit those numbers with a venture you still need to be omega so point is still wrong ether way as its not 50% and that was the point

all the number show is a small boost in some way may get more to have reason to not stay alpha that is the point the post is realy about is getting a interest for new people that want to take the mining path of the game

You are missing that CCP don’t want alphas to be able to produce in a meaningful manner. Well wilfully ignorant at this point since I already mentioned that above.
Well done arguing that it’s only 45% not 50% though. Truly an important argument… not.
Any increase also increases Omegas. Also makes a whole lot of make work for people to create and balance this. For the sake of ships that people will step out of as soon as they get barges anyway.
And if the point is for people who stay alpha, see above about why we shouldn’t increase alpha yield anyway.

you need to pay more attention i also state about given a reason to go omega. as one ship with no stepping stone dose not get much attention the idea is to have a bit of a stepping stone to drive interest as well as giving a place in the game that needs work as a place they could add such a feature to do so. basically suggesting that you use RW LP store with the new ships and give a small % increase to drive interest.
it kills to birds with 1 stone in theory.
i personally like the idea, but stated that i would like a cruiser in my fist post. as they could make a fun t2 gas ship to use the full potential of the skill killing 3 birds with 1 stone.

With a bonus to the faction’s gas, I expect omegas would still make use of this ship for that purpose. There are also several instances where omegas use a venture due to its low cost if destroyed such as ninja mining. They are also used to move compressed ore quickly.

I fail to see where all the work would be in implementing these racial ships. The idea uses skills that are currently in the game (ex… mining frigate and gallente frigate) not creating a new racial skill. They could even just take the venture model and add a nice faction paint job if a new model was too much work.

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