Restrict forum access to only allow paying accounts

Currently there’s a cancer eating away at not only the forums, but at ISD and “community manager” time / resources. That cancer is forum alts used for senseless trolling, thread derailment, and general toxicity.

There are particular sub-forums that are trolled by players that have quit the game or have been banned, but somehow attempt to live some fantasy of self-importance through more and more forum alts. One example is of the late capsuleer, Holeysheet1. He creates new forum alts when his previous gets banned, so that he can continue to troll threads, provide meaningless banter, and general thread derailment.

CCP, you should be giving forum access to those that are actual paying customers in order to deincentivize the endless creation of :poop: forums alts with no purpose other than to disrupt the new and improved forums.


I fondly approve of this.

An alternative would be to let them have their own plebby section

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A corpmate brought up a good concern though: allow alphas a sub-forum where they can still post in order to ask questions and get help.

This will still allow us to help our new and prospective players, while cutting down on the toxicity.

Build a wall (around the forums) and make THEM pay for it!


This existed even when you had to have a payed account to post

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