Retargeting of NPC ships every minute

Today I heard in one of the game chats that the NPC enemies began to often retarget and attack the drones. I was able to see this very soon, having lost several pieces on the 5/10 expedition. The re-targeting occurs approximately 1 time per minute, which makes the use of non-fractional drones on ships not belonging to the Guristas race unprofitable.
Is it a temporary bug or a micro-change in the game?

neither . it’s normal game mechanics . it used to be too easy to grab aggro from the npc’s , then launch drones and go afk . now you have to watch your drones and be ready to recall them when the npc switch . you can tell when this is happening as the npc shooting you will change from flashing red , to flashing yellow .

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You can fit active guns or an ewar module to pull agro off your drones to your main ship, Npc’s hate e-war :]

For some reason npcs never target my drones in a VNI.

Big ships will ignore small drones generally, or they will be unable to destroy them. Frigate NPCs I have found being the most damaging for my drones.

They agress my fighters but not the heavy drones of my vni

it was and with my Ishtar & heavy drones, but yesterday it was changed and I hear about this problem from other pilots…

Tested but nothing has changed for me.

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