Im tiberiusric CEO of CODIE and Retribution Alliance.

We are veteran players of up to 16 years and have reformed Retribution. Alliance… We are Ex NC., PL, Tri MK1 etc. So we have been in many wars, large fleets, small gang, piracy etc etc.

:question: > Are you happy just being F1 dudes, spinning ships, ratting anoms and thats it? Or do you want to actually achieve something in Eve? Something you can be proud of and look back and say … we did that… we were part of eves history in some way. Well heres your chance. :question:

Im looking for CEOs and Corps with ambition, with a willingness to make something special, not be afraid of a little hard work, but put a little effort in to create something great in nullsec.

  • Yes it will require people to be active
  • Yes it will need corps that are PVP at their core
  • Yes you will need to spend some ISK
  • Yes it will need hungry corps who want success
  • Yes it will need strong natured mature corps, people who are not afraid to make things happen, but can work collectively and collaboratively.

But the rewards could be great!

Don’t just sit there thinking what to do next, enjoy the game for it supposed to be, to build empires and legacies! What do you have to lose? Think what you can gain.

The plan, to be a good high quality pvp alliances, has great fun, close friendships and holds our own space!

What I can we offer :slight_smile:

  • Great nullsec sov space in Deklein ( one of the best regions in eve) ) , lots of content PVE or PVP

  • Citadels

  • Good experienced players

  • Ability to make unlimited ISK

So if you are up for an adventure and possible greatness then let’s talk! Otherwise why are you playing eve?!
Please note : We are NOT looking for 1 man corps, you must be at least 20 man corp.

:small_orange_diamond: Join our discord and talk more with us : https://discord.gg/kEsKJH3
:small_orange_diamond: Join our in game channel : Retribution. (includes the dot)


^^^ that is exactly what we are doing in our alliance. Good to see there are some people out there with the same ideology.

Nice I hope it’s going well my friend

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still open

recruitment open

Come fly with us !

yes do!

recruitment open

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Great set of guys.

Looking for great corps

recruitment open

recruitment open

Recruitment open