Hello Capsuleers

We are Retribution. Alliance, was created many moons ago and now reopened.
We pride ourselves on being a strong pvp alliance, with over 12 years of experience in eve, but we stand by strong values

  • Comradery, standing by your alliance mates
  • Building friendships
  • Enjoying the game
  • Understanding real life is important
  • Making explosions and tears
  • No drama

We don’t want our people to be pressured to be online, to be a statistic, to be threatened with expulsion because family was more important, to constantly have to be on CTAs or make up participation stats. We want people who want to have fun, create explosions, and make great friends.

That’s not saying we don’t have years of experience, and when in game we love to shoot things, we are very experienced pvpers and we are looking for corps that follow our ethos.

Good strong pvp corps, you don’t have to have big numbers, in fact we would rather have small specialist pvp groups that have 5 active people that’s 200 man corp that don’t.

We are going back to our roots of small gang pvp, Living in the region of Curse.
We have citadels up, we have a system we live in, and we are close to many regions for roaming. And if doing are of interest - Angel Cartel missions for those pirate faction goodies and those angel officer/faction spawns then we are not far from those systems either.

We enjoy

  • Small gang warfare
  • Exploration/Making ISK
  • Covert Ops/Blops gangs

if this interests you then give us a shout… join OHFUC channel in game or feel free to drop us a mail.


open !

recruitment open

open for corps



recruiting still

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