Return after 7 years away

I am returning player and wanting to get back inot eve afer 7 years. any tips on where to start? i use to mine, do plantary stuff and exploration… thinkin of starting back with that.

Chrck out the AIR program under the Activities tab, its not a bad little resourxe to see what else has been added

Check out EVE Help: Returning to EVE

welcome back, you’ll want to check out the Ship Tree, The Agency, “buy fit” and “multifit” buttons. A couple dozen empire systems have been taken over by space aliens and now form the isolated Pochven region, similar rules to J-space, inaccessible by gate, you might have stuff there. i’d also reset your overview in case recently added NPC’s aren’t visible. Some exploration sites kill you now, safeExplo tells you which.

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