Returning 56M looking for Caldari FW corp

USTZ adult looking for a RL friendly corp to help getting into PVP.

Nearly all of my prior time was PVE mission runner with a fun period living in WH space with a small corp that’s long since gone inactive. I’m looking at FW as a way to give PVP a serious try without trashing security status. Who knows where it will go from there. I might unleash my inner pirate.

I have the magic 14 plus all the stuff for missile/shield boats to V. Looking at the small boat side of the ship tree I see Kestrel, Condor, Hookbill, Crow, Hawk, Garmur, Corax, Flycatcher all at mastery V. I can fit and fly just about anything Caldari BS and below except the hybrid ships. Plus I’m skilled into all of the scanning/cloaky/hauler stuff from WH living.

I have a 33M SP mining/industry alt that I haven’t pulled up to omega yet. I only dabbled in that world. He’s skilled into all of the WH scanning/cloaky/hauler fits too. Plus I have several low SP PI alts.

I’ve been doing some solo FW stuff with Kestrels and Condors, getting into the mechanics of capping, dscan habits, etc. But in such low budget fits I assume everyone can kill me so I just run off when anyone hits the gate. That’s getting boring and looking forward to some fleet fights without as much depending on the solo matchup. Or where it’s okay to bring more bling.

United Caldari Space Command Hit us up. Our whole mission statement is taking in pilots new to FW and/or PVP and training them into a serious problem for our enemies. We are the most active CalMil alliance with many resources. The best of which is our community. No egos, knowledgeable pilots, multiple daily fleets. You are welcome to join coms, ask questions, and see if its a good fit for you.

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Hello there,

Would you have any interest to live in WH space once again?

Thanks @Maximus_Valvus, I’ll do that!

Hey @Kiven_Foster – possibly. I really enjoyed WH life once upon a time and could see easily going back. I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks!

Sounds good man, here is more information about us

We’d love to talk to you over discord if you are interested!

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The Caldari / Gallente warzone is a drag right now, to be honest. Consider popping over to Minmatar! Fighting outnumbered and huge industrial opportunities for your mining/production alt. We build nearly 100 billion ISK of ships every month.

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