Returning after many years; Asset Estimate?

So, I’m coming back on deck after too many years (I’ve been on and off every two or three years, but haven’t played in anger for at least five)

I notice there’s a “Total Assets Estimate” on my character page; it says I have approximately 129b in assets.

Last time I played, I don’t recall having much over 10 billion credits… soo… what? I can’t work out where this is coming from; most expensive asset below my Charon is about 215m (looks like some rando gift box)., but I really can’t work out what could be propping that up to 129b :confused:

I’m assuming I have some skins from which have an inflated value which realistically offsetts that, but it’s not doing something like including my character’s worth in SP in that total or something?

I was also copying a Raven BPO… would the 40-odd BPCs be incorrectly estimated as being worth the same as the BPO?

Lastly, anyone got tips for finding my most valuable assets? I get the feeling I’ve got something sitting in a can in some rando station, need to do some sweeping before I kick off again… I left the lights on two offices before I left and lost close to 2 billion ISK during my recent absence :frowning:

Here’s what CCP has to say about the estimate:

Your personal assets window will list all assets you have in the game, their location and estimated value.

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a lot of random stuff all over the place can add up. might be worth trying a 3rd party asset manager, I like jeveassets jEveAssets 6.4.0 (2019-05-15)

afaik the game doesn’t count bpc value, and rare skin value usually doesn’t count as it uses market transactions to determine value and the rare skins don’t move enough to generate reliable pricing.

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Thanks for the pointers… guess I gotta work out what’s worth a hundred billion then XD

Also note, it does seem to produce absolute junk figures… seen alts ‘worth’ billions with basically no assets at all…

Makes me wonder if it counts extraction-eligible skill points as value?

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