Returning Capsuleer with a fair amount of inventory

Okay first off I’m pretty new to forums and their use. I’ve been away from Eve for over five years but to be honest I’m not sure how long. I’m an industrialist w/ zero interest in PVP. I just went through the process of getting my account put back online and am in between PC’s at the moment but should be up and running fully in less than one week.

So as it turns out, I think I’m sitting on a decent inventory so I won’t be starting from scratch. I’ve got a fair number of blue prints (ships, drones, weapons, etc) but nothing particularly fancy. I looked at it as general stuff that people need especially starting out and good to keep around. Might be a good way to help fit out new corp members?

I’m looking for a corp to join that needs a fairly reliable low key grunt. I was looking at Jaberwalkie (sp?) but I can’t figure out how to message them directly. Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome back! Hope you have some fun getting rolling again.

You might want to check any ads in the Recruitment forum, see if anything there matches what you’re looking for:

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Awesome! Thanks for the referral, I really appreciate it.

OP read this comment and it’s no longer needed.

Damn, you’re right. face palm

Industry now requires multiple people, not just multiple characters, even for some of the most simple items.

You need full-time PI, miner, moon miner, manufacturer…

Solo industry isn’t possible anymore, unless you have 18 hours a day and literally zero life or responsibility.

CCP killed all of the fun in the game. No matter your playstyle. Not the same game it was 5 years ago… not even close.

You might want to remove your quote and maybe consider editing your comment so future readers don’t know what you were talking about and OP can meld in the shadows once more.

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Maybe @ISD_Traindriver can help clean this thread of any compromising info

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Seriously?! That’s f’ed up. I’ve always preferred doing the whole thing on my own. I don’t really care for corps. The one I was part of kept going to war.

So when you saying it “requires” are saying the game literally won’t allow me to do it or just that it’s not “cost” (time and resources) effective?

That’s nonsense, I’m doing solo industry just fine. Not all steps of course, I pick the ones which are profitable and fun. And T2/T3 hasn’t changed at all.



Is there a place to see what has changed or has it been long enough that I’ll be better served just playing through and seeing for myself? I’ve never been in a hurry on this “journey” (corny but can’t think of better phrasing) so I’m fine with figuring it out again. Starting from an estimated worth of +/- 7B isk don’t hurt! LOL I know it’s not a huge amount but its cool.

I think from 5 years back … not much changed, you know unlimited slots and how fees work now? No teams anymore. Else is the same, just the blueprints ingredients have changed for faction, battleships and caps to be much more complicated to all source yourself. Active moon mining is a thing, compression can be done in citadels, or with special modules to Porpoise/Orca/Rorqual on grid.

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Solo industry is doable. If, as you say, you’ve got inventory, cash on hand, and patience you’ll have little problem getting back into it.


Not that it matters but it looks like my last transaction was back in 2015!

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