Returning Corp Ceo (Mining Industry)

I left the game about 7 months ago due to some health issues which are no longer a problem.

The corp was Co-CEO of went dormant while i was away and no longer has any active members of 37

Im looking to rebuild my corp with miners, industrialists, and market traders, with some mission runners and those willing to do other things on the side from time to time.

Corp does have jump freighter and freighter services provided by ceo to help move things around if need be and we do have a Raitaru up and running with ore processing, researching, basic industry.

I run an Orca almost daily for a few hours or more. your welcome to join in fleets for boosts and corp runs on a self driven concept for doing things

we buy ore off our miners when they run solo and do payout systems to all pilots in fleets depending on the barge you run and what you bring in hourly.

If you are interest please feel free to reach me here or in game Orianna Raziel with more info

All applications to Corp will require full api keys for background check hope to see you in game

Instead of starting from Scratch you could join an existing organization. Might I recommend checking out Cro-Magnons Pub channel ingame. We need miners and boosters for the new moon mining.

i would but i have a good connection for trading and mining here and am already starting to pick up some members its just a slow rebuild process moon mining is also not on my plate atm

Would you be interested in null sec life for your corp it definately makes recruiting easier as you have so much more to offer, we could provide you with a safe place to mine/rat with your own corp for a small fee each month (sub-letting one of our rented systems) or you could merge into one of the corps within our coalition in the area we are based.

ive had a few null offers but nothing that made me want to go out to null to be permanently

well i mean it depends what you looking at wanting really tbh but it does offer people a better indy life generally as it makes the return for their time much more feasable


You accepting alpha miners. I just joined 2 days ago and am currently learning the ropes of mining. Would love to get involved in your Corp if it means some extra isk floating my way for my services.

alphas first time miners are welcome

sweet. Would love to come on board

sadly before i read this i had merged with another corp and moved to null not sure what there outtake is on alphas

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