Now Recruiting! Small Mining and Industry Corp, NEW PLAYERS WELCOME

G’day space pilots!

I have launched a new corp. MINE REPROCESS SELL REPEAT. We are a small mining and industry corp based in Merz. Looking for some players to join up! We are pretty casual, but will be beginning to host mining ops as the corp grows.

New players and alpha clones are welcome. As well as mining and industry we will also do PVE combat activities just to break the grind of mining.

If you are new to the game our corp will buy ore that you mine direct from you to save you the effort of having to ship to a trading hub!

Join up for some good chat, get in on the ground level with a corp that aims to grow!
Just main Chester Chesterton for more info!


Wasup - Chester

Do you guys mine or do OP’s in Null?

Just Hi-sec at this stage, We aren’t set up for null sec… yet. The hi-sec remains quite profitable as we offer orca boosts for our members

Im for sure interested and will be on this evening. Happy your based in Domain

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