Returning Miner

first and foremost i have not been active in about a year due to RL issue that have subsided, that being said i own very few ships, very few pve ships, 1 or 2 pvp ships and no indy ships which are all scattered around.
as for skills i have about 57m sp give or take a few K
ships i can fly: orca/rorq, thanny, moros, all gallante supcaps minus cloaky haulers, all t1 subcaps, proteus t3
i would perfer to be in null/wh space with orca/rorq boosts, i would love to get into another rorq myself but im 2/3 the way to affording one and nowhere to mine with it if i did have one.
i have skills for PI, moon goo, all t1 ship building, cap building, supercarrier building is training now, can build t2 mods, unsure about t2 capital mods. if your interested in having me send “deathfacade” a mail in game as i do not check here often at all

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