Returning old-timer, 110m SP, looking for EU TZ WH corp


Dipping my toes back in the water after 10 years out. Looking for a corp active in EU TZ, wormhole based, who also dip into PvP. Used to do a lot of PvP, but mostly just re-learning the game at a chill pace. Would appreciate a corp that understands RL comes first, and is largely chill.

If any WH corps are interested, I am all ears.


Welcome back, the name rings a bell, are you the maps guy ?

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Hey mate! Come check us out :slight_smile:

Pagids Legion

We’re a small gang C4 WH group based in the UK. We are quite small though, but with a positive steady growth and a very close-knit group.

If at all interested hop onto our


and let’s talk :slight_smile:

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Well remembered, you must be an old timer too :grinning:

A lifetime ago now…

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Come on by and check us out

hey mate. GOLDA is looking for interested EU members to begin building a stronger EU base. we have a few active mid-EU members, and are active in AU and US. we’re looking for dedicated EU members to begin building a stable, effective WH presence in that timezone.
As a corp we are:

Hi there

I just sent you an in-game mail

looking forward to hear from you


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