Returning pilot (well, maybe)

I last logged after citadel expansion.

I focused on Industry, building: JF, Capitals, SOV structures, Citadels, T2 everything, PI, etc etc

I kept a plex on my account(s) in case I ever came back… now the PLEX appears to be gone, and my in-store account does not have enough PLEX (seems different) to buy a month of Omega.

Hoping to find a kind pilot to chat about changes to the game with industry focus.
-T2 invention change?
-Capital building change?
-Jump fatigue is new to me
-POS changes
-API changes (my Excel API is now permanently broken, it appears)
-Any changes to market mechanics? (buy/sell orders / taxes)
-Third party market web resource improvements / deaths
-How PLEX has changed (did my PLEX really just go away? I bought it specifically to come back and sub)
-Any updates that may have shaken the traditional markets / industry mechanics

What I’m -NOT- asking for
-Item XXX is awesome / sucks to make isk on (I can figure it out / fail myself)
-Corp/alliance invite (not ready for that)

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API is no longer relevant, they now use ESI. In turn it caused most Third party apps to cease to function.
Market Mechanics I don’t think has changed in the past 8 years…

PLEX. not sure if it was broken down into individual pieces before you left or not. But 1 giant PLEX is now smaller. 500 PLEX= 1 PLEX from years past.

I’ll see if I can explain Jump Fatigue. Certain Ships have Jump Drives, which will allow the ships to move around systems much faster than other ships at a cost. Thats where the Jump Fatigue comes into play. JF is capped at 5 days. There are other factors that go along with it
a lil outdated but that can cover everything about JD"s and JF’s
This can help explain some changes from POS to upwell stations and such.

Thank you.

I had 4 ‘Giant’ plex before logging. Now my ‘in store’ plex is 150. ugh. (can’t recall what my aurum was, never really used it)

Will need to check into the jump fatigue. Used to manufacture in low sec a LOT, so my play likely needs to adapt. (ditto with Upwell Structures)

I don’t remember how the breakdown was exactly as far as the aurum was or the giant plex.

I don’t have any knowledge on T2 industry stuff But I think for all that, you’ll have to look into Planetary Interaction (PI)

I had a massive PI operation (30 planets, no extractions). Components were needed for the SOV / Citadel manufacturing I was doing.

On PLEX: I logged out being able to resub for 1 month. Now I cannot. Don’t know what the transfer rate is/was, because I only used PLEX for subscription. I purposefully bought 4 before logging out to re-enable account(s) when coming back… now I cannot even buy 1 with the ‘new plex’ in store.

ugh Here is a link from last year on the changes to plex.

after reading that though, sounds like you should have 2,000 plex. You could submit a ticket and see if they can figure out what the problem is.

I wasn’t sure how long PI was around so I didn’t know if you knew about it or not.

A single sub currently costs 500 PLEX, or roughly 1.5 billion ISK.

Upon reading, I should have 2k new plex around somewhere… as they converted old ‘big’ to 500 new. (maybe i stashed it on a little used alt.)

Are old POS even used now? Apparently there were changes to moon mining and new citadel structures to replace old POS manufacturing (which is what I used them for). (all those glorious old POS BPOs… junk??)

Taxes on new manufacturing citadels? (even if corp owned?)

each layer of the onion reveals new fragrant aromas.

if any old POS are around, they are slowly being replaced and phased out.

First thing: search for PLEX in the assets search window. They might be in some obscure location.
Second: Check the PLEX Vault (a new inventory location) it should be available from any inventory menu. PLEX can be placed and taken from here regardless of the character’s location.
Third: Check the Redeem queue (Neocom -> Inventory). I don’t remember how the split was done initially, but there’s some chance they might need to be redeemed.
Fourth: Check Asset Safety in the Asset tab. If you left them in a citadel, which was later destroyed, they will be in the asset safety system and will require a fee to reclaim.

POS are being phased out, construction and research arrays no longer give any bonuses (although they still provide slots), making upwell structures the better option of manufacturing and research. Recently moon mining was moved over to upwell structures as well. POS still have some niche uses, since they are cheaper and easier to set-up/tear down than citadels, but yes, your POS BPOs probably won’t be profitable any longer.

Players can set custom tax on their own structures, there is still the default 10% tax in NPC stations. Structures can also provide bonuses to ME, TE and base job-cost. There will always be a base job cost, which is calculated by multiplying the estimated item value by the system cost index regardless of tax.

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Searched PLEX in asset window (I do that first, remebering where I placed stuff outside ‘home’ is troublesome at best… especially after a several year logout.

Checked PLEX vault… same as store balance.

Redeem queue? Not sure I am finding that… or it just doesn’t show up. (likely user error) (Neocom STORE?.. i see no queue there)

safety is empty, which should be accurate. I don’t recall leaving anything in any citadel as things can always go ‘boom’.

Going to need to check the POS stuff. Guessing my researched BPOs may be junk now, but my salvaging skills were maxed, and i believe I have a maxed salvage cyber plugin on an clone somewhere…

Alt-t or alt-y will bring up the redeem window. It’s generally under the neocom under accessories I believe

…seem to recall from the recesses of my noggin that citadel assets don’t show up in search??? (may not be recalling correctly)

Viewing the industry index load is making me recall why I may have left. POS + Planets set up then a huge industry index -> profitability went bleh

I’m not sure if they didn’t use to, but when I was in Null earlier this year, Anything I had from inside either Moon mining structures or other complexes, everything shown up in my personal asset tab.

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