Returning pilot willing to be your recon asset

Returning pilot (5 years away) looking to rejoin the game; multi boxing currently out of the question (playing on Mac laptop) - though I have an extensive alt collection I’m willing to activate if a situation demands it.

I’m not so much interested in blapping stuff as I am in scouting and advanced recon for a purpose - such roles are a good fit for the amount of time I can give and I have the patience to pull them off. In RL I have a full time job and (in the warm weather months) a viable amateur sports career, but the next 4-6 months will be cold and I’ll be indoors a lot more.

I have general familiarity with most aspects of the game, from medium/large fleet ops to exploration, mining, pve, and industry. Most of my previous experience was in null fleets, exploring wormholes, and highsec pve.

Contact me in game if you are interested in having me in your corp. I’m willing to work in any environment (high/low/null/wormhole) and learn how to be a better pilot. I am not interested in trolling, ganking, and general asshattery. I am interested in helping your corp defend itself and take space or make ISK in a strategic way.

I’ll be on Discord as soon as I can buy a headset. Give me a few days.

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