Returning player... with newb like innocence <3

Hey all =D

TLDR; Lots of in-game ISK, assets and SP with a JF Alt. Limited actual experience (though not a total newb) and looking to have fun!

Name: Benny Rook (real name Benny for easiness :sunglasses:)
SP: 65m
Specialty: Nothing. SP is in everything useful in regards to battle (no cap ships)
Accomplishments: Nothing really, I was in some pretty big battles back when I played 6 months ago and I can provide my other pilot’s history if totally required.

Reason for Returning
Been keeping my account active and all since I got out 3 years ago. I only played for about 6 months seriously as it was way toooo full time being part of an active null-sec alliance in a few wars.

Been looking to get back into it to have some fun with the right people and make some good friends in a casual manner

What Experience am I Looking for?
Fun!!! I have no real interest in anything specific… probably not mining (sorry miners, nothing against you, just ain’t my shtick!)… I dunno if I could do the laaarge battle fleets again. It’s fun to be in those massive 2000 ship battles once or twice, but eventually you just feel like a tiny cog in a galaxy-wide clock. I’d rather have some badass fun causing ■■■■ or … dying heroically hahahaha.

As a Pilot
65m SP pilot that has been totally unused in battle since I extracted all the SP from my past pilot and had this pilot inactive but training optimized skills for the whole 6 months I was active on my other pilot.

I have pretty much everything useful trained to Level 5 (check out my profile). I have tons of SP sunk in all kinds of ship command skills as well so can pretty much fly everything useful. I have 2m SP just sitting around ready to spend in relevant skills should my new corp require me in a new position ASAP! =D

As I only spent 6 months playing seriously, my in-game skills are limited, but I am seriously looking to learn the inner workings of the game. I was lucky to be grouped with a bunch of awesome guys last time and they were willing to show me the ropes, even though I was super annoying about it. I learn quickly and ask the right questions… I’m also very generous with in-game currency and had been known to gift players for their time (I have more money than sense it seems)

ALSO HAVE A JF ALT with mastery in all RHEA skills… never used it though as I finished training him up as soon as I quit (I own a RHEA though and I would be willing to lend its services for free if someone would teach me the right way to use it)

My Timezone
I live in Korea and so I am KST, but late nights and early morning aren’t a problem. I have sh*t tons of free time to logon whenever needed, but I don’t intend to spend my whole life on EVE.

Sooo let me know if you think I would be a good fit for your operation! Any further questions, please let me know. I will be quite picky about the people I play with. (comes with age I guess lolz).

Thanks for your time fellow pilots!

Hi Buddy,

We’re looking for pilots to join our community :smiley:

We do, do mining but you don’t have to participate, we run missions / WH explo and low sec PVP.

Here is our Speel.

Mar 6
The Wolves of War is an up and coming industrial and PVE corp looking for pilots of all skill levels and experience.

What we have to offer:

Orca boosts.
Access to low tax refineries, factories, and research labs.
The Wolves of War fleet doctrine.
Limited SRP.
Helpful advice and assistance for newer players.
Our corp activities include:

Regular mining fleets.
Mission running.
WH sleeper runs.
Small gang PVP roams.
Future plans:

If you are interested we can be contacted by our public channel Wolves Pub or on our discord

We love to see new faces in our channels and are more than happy to answer questions of new players outside the corp.

Lets all get spacerich!

Fly safe o7

Thanks for the reply, mate! I will give it some thought and join you in Discord if I have some questions :slight_smile:

Okay cool, I’ll be about all day in Discord :smiley:

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I would advise against advertising your asset value here, you might get attention from the wrong crowd.

Bit late for that now, but good point… =P …

Either way, I don’t mind too much. It’s only a game after all :slight_smile: I will end up losing ships one way or another hahahaha

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Give us a shout in Coalition of Carebears channel for our Discord info. Be good to chat.


Hey @Benny_Rook !

What’s up? How’s it going?

You might want to take a look at the Republic of US recruitment advert here.

If you find it interesting, please get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions/concerns you might have.

Have a great one!

Kind regards,

LeVa MagloN / Alex
Republic of US

Late nights and big wallets - you’ll fit right in.



Brute Force Solutions is recruiting. Give us a look, you should like you’d fit right in :slight_smile:

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