Returning player confused on how to measure tracking


Back in game after a long (Loooooonnnngggggg) time out…

I’m theory crafting at the moment and wanted to look at transversal/angular speeds and tracking.

However it appears that tracking, or how to work it out, has changed.

Below is an image from in game which shows my Radial, Transversal and Angular velocities. However none of these numbers bears any resemblance to the tracking stats which are demonstrated above.

How do I now work this out?

I know it allows me to compare guns but I know what’s going to be shooting me… i just need to work out how to ensure it misses.

Please advise.

My second questions revolves (excuse the pun) around orbuiting circles.

Is it possible to choose or, as best you can, ‘set-up’ the angle of my orbit?

Currently most of my orbits seem to follow the hands 11.25 on the clock. Occassionally I’ll get a flat level orbit (9.15), as determined by the plane indicator (the thing that shows orbit lines, direction and measures distance).

However I want to be able, to a certain degree, determine the orbit plane of my ship.



This Uniwiki page might help:

As for the Orbit angle, I think it’s pre-determined by the game.

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