🇳🇴 Returning Player - Help Me Lose My Snuggly

Started in EVE a long time ago, came back during Covid and steadily lost interest once everything returned to normal, now reawakened.

What I offer:

  • Multiple characters of ~11-12m SP average in multiple disciplines

  • Several Freighter/DST/BR trained

  • Some Orca/Mining Barge trained

  • Some specialised in refining/reactions/production

  • Some with average skills in some combat aspects in Astero/cruisers/BCs

  • Chill attitude, happy to sit in discord even if not saying too much (got small kids, you know how it is) + shut up, listen and learn for stuff I dont know

  • Looking to finally learn how to play combat effectively instead of clowning newbies not paying attention in wormholes, probably in single ship or small gang PVP

What I’m looking for:

  • relaxed group without strict requirements for being online - I cant guarantee when I will be online but will be happy to chip in towards goals

  • EUTZ

  • Scandinavian (and Norwegian in particular) members a big plus (but not required)

  • Some combat aspects whether thats WH / Lowsec / FW to lose my previously snuggly aspect on zkillboard

  • No full API key lookup ■■■■■■■■ which Im guessing is just as exploitative and invasive now as it was years ago

Drop a reply here or message ingame. :v:

We do not do API anymore. However, we do require ESI access for standard background checks to cull out spies. We would love to have you within in our ranks. Check us out.

Morning mate! Welcome back to Eve. I came back myself last summer after a long break away.

We set up our corp at the start of 2024 and are a primary EU WH corp with some US TZ guys: ‘Ship Stains’ based in a C4, with static C3/C4. We are looking to grow steadily as we have been for the last 4 months, and have no real requirements at this point, other than finding fellow minded relaxed players to come join us on this journey as we look to make some isk, hang out in discord and run some occasional solo/small gang roams.

If you want to find out more, or just a place to come hang out whilst you find a new place to call home feel free to join ‘Ship stains’ in game channel or jump in our discord

Either way, enjoy your time back in Eve and i hope you find a great place soon


you Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, if you are looking for a good twitch stream to hang out in and learn more about the game, i highly recommend the Norwegian streamer Moon Wolf He’s a real good guy.

welcome back bud i own a alliance out in npc null am looking for pvp pilot for my corp there is plenty of pew pew where we live, best thing is none of the tie die crap none of the CTA CTA CTA every day we all play to have a good laugh… we are a chilled corp and alliance… the alliance is one of the heights on zkill for where we live https://zkillboard.com/region/10000041/ so plenty of pew pew

RL come’s first with us all and play how you want YOU pay for your game time not me… if your interested jump on our discord and say hi …